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LPP Services

The Liberty Partnerships Program is a year round program. LPP students have access to both one on one and group tutoring provided by Fordham University’s service learners, community service students and volunteers. Tutoring takes place both during and after school.


The LPP counseling program is designed to address the social and emotional needs of students and to provide support to both students and families to ensure their academic success and ability to graduate and go on to high school. Trained social workers and graduate social work interns work with students and families to assess needs and develop an intervention plan, and then work with and monitor students throughout the year. LPP students take advantage of personal and group counseling, giving them the opportunity to address obstacles that impede their ability to accomplish their goals.


LPP Students attend various workshops designed to enhance success and develop leadership skills including socialization, decision making, conflict resolution, and an anti-bullying program. Social work interns help students develop the skills and activities to engage in social action or advocacy related to school or community needs. Workshops on Fordham’s Rose Hill campus expose LPP students to possible careers and college life including topics such as; college application process, college interviews, financial aid, SAT/ACT preparation, etc.

Cultural Enrichment

Liberty Partnerships Program strives to expose its students to cultural/enrichment experiences such as Broadway plays and museums. Structured relationships between LPP participants and caring, dedicated Fordham University college students are also forged through the volunteers involved in LPP. Exposure to college life is also an integral part of our mission. LPP participants enjoy several college trips throughout the school year.

Academic Support

The Liberty Partnerships Program provides free one on one and small group tutoring both in and out of the classroom setting with Fordham University undergraduate service learners and volunteers. To augment the efficacy of these services, targeted quarterly team conferences are conducted to discuss individual student academic progress, and to develop and refine concrete interventions.