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Janna C. Heyman, PhD, LMSW
Henry C. Ravazzin Endowed Chair and Director

Linda White-Ryan, PhD, LCSW, RN
Clinical Specialist

Kenneth J. Lau, LCSW
Program Director

Henry J. Davis, PhD
Director of Programs & Research

Karen Dybing, MA

Ralph Gregory, LMSW
Senior Advisor

Matthew Gross, BS
Office Assistant

Peggy Kelly, LMSW
Research Director

JoAnne McMahon, BA
Administrative & Budget Assistant

Candace Mercado, MSW
Service Analyst

Gary Reback, LMSW
Grant and Project Officer

Connor White, MA
Grant and Program Analyst

Faculty Research Scholars

Cathy Berkman, PhD., Martha Bial, PhD., Carole Cox. PhD, Ji Seon Lee, PhD., Amy Horowitz, PhD., Dana Marlowe, PhD., Tina Maschi, PhD.,LCSW, Rose Perez, PhD., Judy Smith, PhD., Linda White-Ryan, PhD., LCSW, RN