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Student Involvement

Dear Fordham Class of 2024,

Welcome to the “Ramily!” My name is Loreen Ruiz, and I am your President of United Student Government (USG), the main student government group on campus. I hope this letter finds you in good spirits and health, wherever in the world you may be. Though we are navigating new territory in this pandemic, we are braving each and every day together, and Fordham and USG are committed to ensuring that your transition to college is as spirited and exciting as ever. 

Daunted as I felt during my first week of freshman year, my apprehensiveness quickly faded as I discovered the kindness that is so characteristic of Fordham students. On my way to audition for a club, I realized that I had no idea how to print the script I needed for my audition. Frantically, I approached an upperclassman to ask for help. Not only did he sit with me to figure out how to set up my printing account, he used his own credit to help me print my script. This unprecedented gesture exemplifies the kind and caring community that I have immensely grown to love and lean on. 

I am grateful to have found a home not only at Fordham—a community that cares—but also in New York, a city that inspires me to strive for greater heights every day. As you embark on your undergraduate career at our Jesuit institution, I hope that you find a home as well: emotionally, personally, and intellectually. I hope that the people you meet, things you learn, and values you gain along the way shape you to become agents of change in whichever field you’d like to pursue. I’m excited to see what you will accomplish!

While you look towards your beginning of your freshman year, I encourage you to get involved with the 60 clubs and counting we have at Lincoln Center. Clubs are a great way to connect with other students: from dinner outings, to guest lecturers, to open mic nights, there’s sure to be something you’ll enjoy! Most clubs hold weekly or biweekly meetings, and all welcome new members. 

Finally, I would like to offer USG as a place of support for you throughout your four years. Whether it’s concerns about COVID-19, anxieties about adjusting to life in a new city, or even just figuring out how to use the printers, please reach out to us at if there’s anything you need. On behalf of USG, enjoy your Orientation, and welcome to Fordham!

All the best,

Loreen Ruiz, FCLC ‘21, President of United Student Government (USG)



Clubs and Organizations

Getting involved is the best way to meet new students enjoy your college experience! Clubs and department-sponsored organizations offer you the opportunity to make new friends with common interests. For more information and a more detailed list of Fordham’s clubs and organizations, visit the Office for Student Involvement.