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Quality Control of Professional Conduct

Quality Control of Professional Conduct (Program)

Leslie Levin, University of Connecticut School of Law (US) (Moderator); Tony Foley, Australian National University (Australia); Kyoko Ishida, Waseda University (Japan); and Francesca Bartlett, University of Queensland (Australia)

Quality Control of Professional Conduct

“Quality Control” of lawyers’ professional conduct comes mainly from external sources such as professional training, the organizational infrastructure of firms, professional networks, lawyer discipline sanctions, malpractice liability, and malpractice insurance. This panel will draw on empirical research in Australia, Japan and the United States to examine various types of quality controls on lawyer conduct. It will consider, inter alia, how well these quality controls succeed, why they fail, and the incidence of failure in the discipline and malpractice context. The panel will also draw on this research to consider how lawyers might be encouraged and supported to provide more competent service to their clients.

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