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Narrative Ethics (Program)

Helena Whalen-Bridge, National University of Singapore Faculty of Law (Singapore) (Moderator); Steven Johansen, Lewis and Clark Law School (US); and Lori D. Johnson, William S. Boyd School of Law/UNLV (US)

Narrative Ethics

Professional rules prohibit lawyers from making intentional misstatements of fact as well as material omissions, but do they provide adequate guidance for the use of narrative in persuasive fact presentation? Persuasive narrative techniques are gaining traction in scholarship and legal writing courses, but no rules specifically address their use or guide lawyers or students in determining the relationship between evidence and narrative. The papers on this panel address the question of whether the current no-rules environment is adequate or whether narrative techniques call for specialized guidance.

Helena Whalen-Bridge: Guiding Legal Narrative

Steven Johansen: Old Rules for New Ideas: The Model Rules and Applied Legal Storytelling

Lori D. Johnson: Narrative Ethics in Transactional Drafting

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