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International Perspectives on the Regulation of Lawyers and Legal Services (Program)

Andrew Boon, Professor of Law, City University London (UK) (Moderator); Matthias Kilian, Prof. Dr., University of Cologne (Germany); Selene Mize, Associate Professor, University of Otago Faculty of Law (New Zealand); Yasutomo Morigiwa, Meiji University, Faculty of Law (Japan); Deborah Rhode, Ernest W. McFarland Professor of Law, Stanford University (US); and Noel Semple, Assistant Professor, University of Windsor Faculty of Law (Canada)

International Perspectives on the Regulation of Lawyers and Legal Services

In many Western democracies the regulation of socially important service sectors is undergoing a significant transition. The involvement of representative professions in regulation of their membership is being disrupted. Traditional models of professional regulation, based on conduct rules and disciplinary tribunals, are being adapted or supplemented by new systems. This panel will explore professionalism as the dominant means for controlling markets for legal services in several key countries from the perspective of the involvement of the state in regulation, professional organization, regulatory philosophy, regulatory mechanisms and regulatory ideology (the impacts, short and longer term, on professions, professional independence and the rule of law).

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