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Fordham Memory and Aging Lab

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The Fordham Memory and Aging Lab examines different aspects of cognition and health across the adult lifespan. Our research focuses on the structure of memory and differences between verbal and visual-spatial memory, individual differences in autobiographical memory, as well as age-related differences in cognition. We also investigate differences in normal and pathological aging as well as the role of subjective well-being across adulthood in order to develop a more comprehensive understanding of cognition and health during the adult lifespan.

group photo of memory and aging lab

2018-2019 Lab Members Pictured Left to Right

Travis Aprile, Emma Spoldi, Jillian Minahan, Devin D’Agonstino, Karen Siedlecki, Eunice Jung, Neshat Yazdani, Francesca Falzarano

Not pictured: Kennedy Abbott, Samantha DeAssis, Katie Greenberg, Katrine Jensen, Isabella Oliveira