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About Fordham Purchasing

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Purchasing Objective

The Purchasing Department has been given the responsibility to function as the University’s representative with vendors, to ensure that the User Department’s needs are accommodated with quality goods and services in a prompt, cost-efficient manner and to commit the University to binding contracts within the guidelines of University Policy. This responsibility includes the selection of vendors, negotiation of price and assurance of quality and prompt delivery to the University.

We are a dedicated team of individuals focused on the strategic procurement of goods and services for education, athletics, and research.

How is the Purchasing Department Essential to Fordham University?

  • The Purchasing Process is essential to the financial wellness of the University.
  • The Purchasing Process provides the University Community with vital information about vendors, products, merchandise and services.
  • The Purchasing Process promotes fair bidding and purchasing practices, thus maximizing buying power.
  • The Purchasing Process provides the client with choices. Multiple resources provide a safety factor, not present when only one vendor is providing the product or service. A well-informed client is more likely to make the better choice.
  • The Purchasing Process is most effective and efficient when departmental client end-users provide Procurement with product and/or service specifications or guidelines.
  • Contact Categories: See detailed information (Directory of Services).

Procurement adds value

  • Negotiating University-wide agreements/contracts for common goods and services
  • Sourcing and negotiating for specialized goods and services agreements
  • Working with departments to evaluate and negotiate consulting agreements
  • Supporting the university’s Sustainability goals and aspirations
  • Collaborating with departments to get the best terms and pricing on high-dollar purchases
  • A dedicated team of specialists to assist you in your purchasing.

Legal Aspect of Purchasing

Every transaction between a buyer and a seller involving the transfer of property is a contract. Some contracts are of the simplest form, while others are made the subject of lengthy written agreements, defining in technical terms the nature of the material, method of payment and other contractual conditions.

From the inception to the consummation of a transaction between buyer and a seller, many important issues are involved. The proper handling of these issues and the administering of the business features connected with them are vital factors in the successful completion of the transaction and it permits the establishment of uniform policies with respect to seller relationships.

Purchase Orders are legal documents which contain and define the Terms and Conditions for doing business with Fordham University.