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Accelerated Master's Program

This program will offer undergraduate students at Fordham College at Rose Hill, Fordham College at Lincoln Center and Fordham College of Professional and Continuing Studies the opportunity to undergo an accelerated five-year program of study culminating in a master of science degree in computer science. A student can be admitted to the program in the fall semester of his/her senior year. In addition to his/her undergraduate course requirements, a student must take two graduate courses in his/her senior year. The graduate courses taken in the senior year can be counted towards the completion of the undergraduate degree. The student must then take four graduate courses the first semester after completion of the undergraduate degree, and four the second semester, to qualify for the M.S. degree.


An undergraduate student interested in the accelerated program should speak with the associate chair for graduate studies of the computer and information science department in the spring of his/her junior year or the fall of the senior year. Students with a GPA of 3.2 or better are eligible for the program. Upon acceptance to the program, the student will be admitted to the graduate school as an accelerated master's student. You do not have to take the GRE to be eligible. 


The student must take two graduate CS courses in his/her senior year. These two courses are to be chosen from the graduate courses offered that year on the advice of the associate chair. At least one course should be a graduate core course (CSGA 5100, CSGA 5200, CSGA 6200 or CSGA 6325).

The remaining senior year graduate course, and eight subsequent graduate courses, must be selected according to the rules of the M.S. program in computer science. The courses taken in senior year can be counted towards completion of the student's undergraduate degree requirements and also towards completion of the M.S. requirements.


Director of the MS program in Computer Science
Office: LL 610D 
Phone: 212-636-6337