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Introduction to Ornithology Intensive Summer Workshop

Summer Workshop: May 31 to June 14, 2016

Ornithology is designed to introduce students to the diversity and biology of the world’s birds.

Stripe throated wren

This workshop will focus on avian biology with particular emphases on behavior, ecology, biogeography, physiology, and conservation. While examining birds though a global overview, we will focus primarily on the birds of the Northeast. It will include field techniques in avian research as well as field trips for viewing birds in the wild, museums, and captivity.

Individual Research Project:

Students will select an individual research project of particular interest to them. Generally, these individual research projects will be conducted at the Bronx Zoo or Calder Biological Field Station, though other options are available through agreement of the instructor.

Course Plan:

  • Intensive, 2-1/2 week field course
  • Tentative dates: May 31 - June 14, 2016, including Saturdays.
  • Classes meet daily for 8 hours (with lunch break) and will generally include 3-4 hours of lecture and 3-4 hours in the field or on field trips. Birds are most active early in the day, and some field classes will begin 30 minutes prior to dawn.


American Flamingos


The workshop will be offered at the Louis Calder Center, the Biological Field Station of Fordham University in Armonk, NY. In addition, likely field trips will include visits to a local bird banding station, the Bronx Zoo, and the American Museum of Natural History.




  • Day 1: Evolution/Avian Research Techniques
  • Day 2: Physiology
  • Day 3: Feathers and Flight
  • Day 4: Migration
  • Day 5: Courtship and Mating Systems
  • Day 6: Exam 1
  • Day 7: Family Life
  • Day 8: Song
  • Day 9: Foraging and Predators
  • Day 10: Taxonomy
  • Day 11: Populations and Communities
  • Day 12: Conservation/Exam 2
  • Day 13: Project Presentations