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Urban Consortium Faculty

Bruce Berg, Professor of Political Science
New York City Politics, Government, Urban Health Policy

Md Zakirul Alam Bhuiyan, Assistant Professor Department of Computer and Information Sciences
System Dependability, Computer Security

Susan Block-Lieb, Professor of Law
Consumer Protection, Debtor Education, Bankruptcy

Garrett Broad, Assistant Professor of Media and Communications
Media and Social Change, Risk and Health Communication, Food Policy, Environmental Justice

Colin Cathcart, Associate Professor of Architecture
Architecture, Urban Design, Sustainable Development

Elizabeth Cooper, Associate Professor of Law
Legislation, Poverty, Sexuality, Clinics, Women,

Nestor Davidson, Albert A. Walsh Professor of Real Estate, Land Use and Property Law
Real Estate, Land Use, Affordable Housing, Local Government

Gregory Donovan, Assistant Professor of Media and Communications
Communications, Media, Internet Access, Smart Urbanism, Participatory Action and Design

Ayala Fader, Associate Professor of Anthropology
Urban Anthropology, Ethnicity, Gender

Greta Gilbertson, Associate Professor of Sociology
Urban Sociology, Immigration

Brian Glick, Clinical Associate Professor of Law
Community and Economic Development

Jennifer Gordon, Professor of Law
Immigration, Labor/Worker Rights, Employment

Christina Greer, Associate Professor of Political Science
Urban Politics, Black Ethnic Politics, American Politics, Public Opinion

Annika Hinze, Assistant Professor of Political Science, Director of Urban Studies Program
Urban Comparative Politics, Immigration, Religious/Ethnic/National Identity, Urban Neighborhood Space

Clare Huntington, Professor of Law
Family, Immigration, Poverty

Julie Kleinman, Assistant Professor of Anthropology

Migration, Borders, Urban Studies, Labor, Race, Infrastructure, Social Movements

Robin Lenhardt, Associate Professor of Law
Race Relations, Race and the Family, Critical Race Theory

Subha Mani, Associate Professor of Economics
Development Economics, Applied Microeconomics, Applied Econometrics

Kimani Paul-Emile, Associate Professor of Law
Race and Identity Formation, Health Law, Biomedical Ethics, Drug Regulation, Law and Inequality

Wullianallur "R.P." Raghupathi, Professor of Information Systems
Information Systems, Technology and Growth, Big Data, Sustainability

Christopher Rhomberg, Associate Professor Sociology
Urban Sociology, Labor Movements, Social Theory

Aaron Saiger, Professor of Law
Public Education, Education Policy, Local Government

Aseel Sawalha, Associate Professor of Anthropology
Global Cities, Urban Anthropology

Andrew Simons, Assistant Professor of Economics
Economic Development, Social Innovation, Environmental Economics

Olivier Sylvain, Associate Professor of Law
Communications Policy, Internet, Technology, Public Lawmaking

Rosemary Wakeman, Professor of History, Coordinator of University Urban Initiatives
Urban History, European Cities, Social History of Architecture