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Legal English and Communication Skills

Law School
Circle of students sitting on lawn - SM
NY Court

June 18 - 29, 2018

Launched in 2015, the Legal English and Communication Skills Course is a two-week skills program that introduces foreign-trained legal professionals and law students to legal English and professional and academic written and oral communications. The course focuses on understanding, analyzing, and presenting American legal materials succinctly and confidently, and learning to be an active participant in a U.S. law classroom and the U.S. legal profession.  The course introduces core legal topics as a vehicle to understanding U.S. legal terminology and terms of art, methods of analysis, and the use of cases and case briefing in law teaching. The course also gives participants knowledge of writing mechanics and will improve their ability to communicate ideas and legal principles clearly and precisely in English. Field visits will be arranged to different legal environments to expose students to the contexts where legal English is used.  Participants will complete written and oral exercises and will receive individualized feedback on their work throughout the course.