GRE Contacts

Where can a GRE student turn for help as they move through their degree program?

GRE Admissions,, helps with all aspects of the admission process and enrolling for your first term. 

Your Faculty Advisor, who is assigned by the GRE, will provide you with help with course selection at registration time, and is the first person you should speak to with questions about transferring credits, substituting courses, etc.

Assistant Academic Dean Patrick Holt,,  assists with academic questions involving probation, requesting a leave of absence, changing degree programs, and helping all students with advising questions when the faculty are not in the office (winter break, summer, etc.). 

Executive Sec. Bill Slade,, can help you with all financial aid questions, including questions in regards to scholarships and financial aid forms. 

For questions about your FAFSA, Federal, State, or private student loans, you need to contact Fordham University's Graduate Financial Aid Office. 

Your chosen Mentor, who you should begin interviewing/contacting no later than 1/2 way through your coursework, will assist you with questions and processes in regards to your thesis paper, dissertation, project, etc. Please note, your mentor does not have to be the Faculty member that you were assigned as your advisor.