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ODS Syllabus Statement

ODS encourages that all faculty members please include the following standard statement in each class syllabus to increase awareness of the services that ODS provides, and encourage students with disabilities to self-identify to properly access their accommodations:

"If you are a student with a documented disability and require academic accommodations, you need to register with the Office of Disability Services for Students (ODS) in order to request academic accommodations for your courses. Please contact the main ODS office at Rose Hill at 718-817-0655 to arrange services. Staff at ODS can walk you through the process and arrange appointments depending on which campus you take courses. accommodations are not retroactive, so you need to register with ODS prior ot receiving your accommodations. Please see me after class or during office hours if you have questions or would like to submit your academic accommodation letter to me if you are already registered for accommodations with Fordham."

New Policies and Procedures for Accommodating Students

ODS has received many suggestions from faculty and students in our surveys to find a way to streamline services and allow for more online resources for requesting accommodations. We spent the 2013-2014 Academic Year moving our data to a system to allow us to do this called AIM! We have piloted AIM since late Spring '14 through the Summer sessions '14.

Important Changes Faculty Should be Aware of For Letters and Test Proctoring:

  • We will now take a two prong approach to notifying faculty of student accommodations: (1) Online and (2) In-Person.
    • Online: Students will first fill out their accommodation request online, and then we will email the letter to your Fordham email address notifying you of the student's approved accommodations. Our system pulls the course instructor information from Banner, so we must send to your Fordham email address. If you use another email address, please contact us each semester, and we can add that to your course to also email you there.
    • In-Person: It is also the student's responsibility to contact you to discuss accommodations for the course in-person during office hours either at the beginning of the seester or within 1 week of registering with ODS if the student is new to services.
  • We remind students frequently to submit their accommodation requests ahead of time, even as early as when they register for courses, but often they do not submit these until the semester begins. accommodations are not retroactive, so if a student delays requesting accommodations, they will not be eligible for accommodations for any work prior to notification of their accommodations.
  • Online Alternative Testing Contracts and Proctoring Appointments are now available!
  • If students request testing accommodations for your course, you will receive a link to fill out the Alternative Testing Contract. You will only need to fill this form out once per course per semester, regardless of how many students using accommodations are in your course! This online contract takes the place of our paper based test proctoring forms that faculty used to fill out for each exam with our students. If you do not give exams in your course, then you do not need to fill out the Alternative Testing Contract.
  • Once you fill out the Alternative Testing Contract, then our students will be able to sign up online through AIM to schedule their exams with our office. You will receive emails from us as these requests are submitted, and if any changes are made to scheduled date/time due to the available testing space in our office.