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Urban Plunge is a pre-orientation program, run by the Division of Mission Integration and Planning, for first year undergraduate students who share a commitment to community service, reflection and social justice. Students learn about the local community surrounding Fordham University by working together on community service projects and reflecting on their experiences. Urban Plunge also explores the culturally diverse neighborhoods, the different forms of art expressions throughout New York City and how they connect to social justice. You will begin to see New York in a way that even native New Yorkers do not often get to experience.

Urban Plunge brings together a group of first year students who share an interest in social justice, diversity and art with experienced students who serve as ambassadors to Fordham’s surrounding community. Urban Plunge provides an opportunity for personal growth and reflection in a context of service, diversity, art, and social justice.

The Urban Plunge Program occurs on the Rose Hill campus and the Lincoln Center campuses. Students must apply to Urban Plunge on their respective campuses.

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