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Master of Arts in Philosophical Resources

The M.A. in Philosophical Resources program is undergoing a reimagining and will not be accepting applications.

Where Faith Meets Reason

Plato and Aristotle. Augustine and Aquinas. The works of these four principal figures form the cornerstone of Jesuit education and are at the heart of our M.A. in Philosophical Resources program. The dynamic interplay between faith and reason, for example—which is central to the Catholic intellectual tradition—is a relationship that both Augustine and Aquinas examined by turning to ancient philosophy.

Through this program, you’ll develop a deep understanding of the philosophical foundation acquired by all Jesuit scholastics while engaging in a diverse and demanding array of philosophical authors and ideas.

Whether your path is the priesthood, teaching, or you’re simply looking to expand your knowledge of philosophy, you’ll learn to think analytically and reflectively on the fundamental questions of the human experience. Designed primarily for Jesuit scholastics, the Philosophical Resources master’s program is also ideal for non-Jesuit students who are interested in pursuing philosophy but lack the prerequisites for the stand-alone M.A. in Philosophy.

Program Highlights

  • Analysis and evaluation of primary texts in philosophy
  • Identification, evaluation, and formulation of philosophical arguments
  • Study of major texts, themes, and authors in the history of philosophy
  • Engagement in philosophical conversations and philosophical ideas

Program Basics

  • Curriculum requires 12 courses, including an introductory seminar, four author courses, two ethics courses, two courses in modern philosophy, two courses in contemporary philosophy, and an integration seminar, for a total of 36 hours.
  • Introductory seminar and author courses on Plato, Aristotle, Augustine, and Aquinas must be taken in the first year
  • Completion of a capstone paper in the integration seminar that synthesizes work done in two courses


  • Catholic priesthood
  • Teaching