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On-Campus Support Groups

Alcohol and Other Drug Education Program
The Alcohol and Other Drug Education Program strongly believes that you can talk about your personal concerns, as well as your care for family and friends, in a confidential manner through our open door policy. We are here as an advocate on your behalf.

These students focus on educating the Lincoln Center community in the areas of alcohol, drugs, and other drug alternatives. They promote social responsibility within Fordham, and help to advance the social, moral and intellectual development of the members of the Lincoln Center community. They have promoted several alcohol and other awareness campaigns on campus for all students on various topics related to alcohol, other drugs, and healthy living.

Campus Ministry
Campus Ministry seeks to foster the integral growth of all the University community members, but especially focuses on the personal, spiritual, and moral development of its students, thereby complementing the work of other departments and divisions in pursuit of Fordham’s overall mission. Contact them directly at 212-636-6267 or visit their office on campus.

Counseling and Psychological Services
The mission of Counseling and Psychological Services is to assist students in maintaining their optimum level of mental health and wellness so that they are best able to achieve their goals. Find their Lincoln Center office or contact them directly 212-636-6225.