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Core Competency 1

Discipline-Based Pedagogy

This competency ensures that PFF Program participants develop a firm grounding in the pedagogical practices unique to their discipline.

PFF participants will:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of pedagogical practices unique to their discipline.
  • Understand the principles of good syllabus and lesson plan design.

Core Competency 1 can be fulfilled by completing the following department-level programming:

  • Biology: Working one year as a Junior TA.
  • Classics: Teaching one course as sole instructor
  • Economics: Passing ECON7995: Teaching Introductory Economics
  • English: Passing ENGL5999: Pedagogy Theory and Practicum I and ENGL6004: Pedagogy Theory and Practicum II
  • History: Completing a Faculty Shadowing Experience
  • Philosophy: Passing PHIL8001: Seminar in Philosophical Education
  • Psychology: Passing PSGA7990: Teaching for Psychology
  • Theology: Passing THEO5015: Teaching Theology

Core Competency 1 can also be fulfilled by attending a teaching conference in the student’s discipline, as approved by individual departments. Students who fulfill Core Competency 1 by attending a teaching conference must have their DGS sign off on the pedagogy education that was attended in their discipline.