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Public Interest and Service

At Fordham Law School, “In the service of others” is more than our motto.

We prepare Fordham Law students to confront the challenges of our times—to become leaders in the legal profession who will effect real change through principled, ethical lawyering; through active citizenship; and through an unwavering dedication to justice.

Through the Fordham Law School PIRC Public Service Day event, first-year law students worked with Project Dorot, a Manhattan nonprofit social service organization providing a wide range of services for seniors.

This is a part of Fordham University’s larger mission and its legacy of creating men and women for others.

Our faculty engages in substantive public service and produce cutting-edge academic scholarship that impact law, policy, and professional practice. Our alumni pursue public service through careers in government; nonprofit, public interest organizations; and through pro bono work at law firms or corporations.

From student-initiated groups and service-oriented legal centers to specialized academic courses, to the experiential learning opportunities of clinics and externships, Fordham Law provides countless avenues for students to pursue public interest and service — and to learn about, practice, and get involved in social justice lawyering.

 Helpful Public Interest Resources

Centers and Institutes

Fordham Law is home to centers and institutes that pursue vitally important work to improve the lives of individuals, strengthen communities, and fight for justice worldwide.

Learn more about the centers and institutes

Externship Program

Through our Externship Program, students earn academic credit as they work alongside lawyers or judges in a number of professional legal environments, and combine this work with academic reflection.

Learn more about the Externship Program

Post-Graduate Loan Repayment

An array of loan repayment options, including loan repayment assistance programs, are available for graduates who pursue public interest careers.

Learn more about Post-Graduate Loan Repayment

Summer Public Interest Work

The summer is an excellent time for students to immerse themselves in full-time public service work, and funding support is available.

Learn more about Summer Public Interest Work