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CMS Internships


A significant feature of the Communication and Media Studies majors is the opportunity to participate in internships working under the direct supervision of professionals in media organizations, ranging from daily newspapers to television networks, and from public relations and advertising agencies to corporate communication programs.

In order to get credit for internships during the school year, students must have completed 60 points of credit and have strong academic performance. The requirement to have junior or senior status does not apply to internships done in the summer.

Internship Requirements

  • We offer an Internship seminar course, COMM 4701, that can be taken for academic credit when students are doing an internship. This course is worth four credits and counts as an elective in all undergraduate majors in Communication and Media Studies. This course is open to all juniors and seniors in our department who are interning, whether or not they require academic credit and whether or not they are paid for their internship.
  • Students who wish not to take the four-point Internship Seminar course or have already taken it may take a tutorial - COMM 4999 --- under direction of a professor in the department: Typically, these internships are worth one (1) course credit and do not count as a full course or as an elective toward the majors and minors.
  • One-point tutorials merely add to the total credit count needed for graduation. The department will also create ways for students to get academic credit during the summer through the Fordham Summer Session.
  • All internships for academic credit must be approved by the department prior to registration. In general, students requesting academic credit for internships are expected to have a 3.0 cumulative GPA.
  • The department recommends about 15 hours per week of internship duty over a semester (e.g., two days/week, seven hours/day; or three days/week, five hours/day).
  • The department does not recommend that students intern during midterms or final exams.
  • Fordham rules require students put in at least 120 hours to receive academic credit for their internship.


PMMA 6398 - Internship I and PMMA 6399 - Internship II
Students have the possibility to do an internship for three credits per semester, for a total of up to six credits for the program. The internship will be chosen by the student, working in conjunction with the graduate director and Fordham University's career center. This internship is to be supervised by an appropriate faculty member, and will involve regular meetings, bi-monthly reports, and a final written summary of the internship experience.

Unpaid Internships

The university expects employers to abide by the standards of the “Internship Programs Under the Fair Labor Standards Act”. Please make yourself aware of these standards and regulations.

Free Ram Van Passes for Unpaid Internships

Career Services provides FREE Ram Van passes for unpaid, for-credit internships.

Submit a letter to them from your internship supervisor that:

  • Includes company letter head
  • Verifies the internship is unpaid and for credit
  • Outlines the daily and hourly requirement

Internship Directors

Philip Terrigno:

How to find an internship.