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Fordham University Emerging Leaders (FUEL) Program at Lincoln Center

Leadership skills learned during your experiences at Fordham can be translated into your years after college. FUEL is a Leadership Development Program offered through the Office for Student Involvement that is specifically targeted to first- and second-year students.

Program Goals

The FUEL program is a semester-long series of workshops conducted each spring which focus on first- and second-year students who have been recognized as having outstanding leadership potential by professors, administrators, and fellow students. Some of the qualities these students may possess are: involvement in clubs or activities on/off campus, outstanding class participation, and leadership in group projects.

Workshop topics include:

  • Ignatian leadership
  • Creative problem solving
  • Public speaking
  • Diversity in leadership
  • Stress management
  • Networking and mentorship

Through workshops, seminars, guest speakers, and interactive sessions, students will learn valuable leadership skills and have the opportunity to develop self-confidence and increase self-awareness. FUEL helps to bring these characteristics out in students in order to benefit the students, their clubs, and the Fordham community as a whole. It is our hope that characteristics developed as a result of participation in the FUEL program will go on to serve students in their everyday lives.

For more information, please email or Daniel Patterson, Associate Director for First Year Experience at