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Inhabit the New Learning Ecosystem

Graduate education must be re-imagined in the context of the emergent learning ecosystem, which involves not only digital technologies as tools but, rather, constitutes a fundamental shift toward learner-centered, active approaches to curriculum design, study methods, curation of knowledge, and research protocols.

  • What are the appropriate learning environments and delivery formats to meet the SLOs?
  • How will we ensure that a new model makes the doctoral candidate the active center of all learning?
  • What “classroom” formats will be most appropriate?
  • What pedagogies should be explored, deployed, and taught?
  • How will the design of new Ph.D. programs facilitate new learning and new knowledge discovery?
  • How will a new model facilitate collaborative and interdisciplinary thinking, collaborative research, and collaborative writing? How will a new model respond to the dominance of the “solitary scholar” paradigm in the traditional humanities?
  • How will a new model prepare students to engage with digital methods of scholarship, communication, and pedagogy?

Key Readings