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Mentor the Whole Person: Career-wise Counsel, Promising Partnerships

A new model for humanities Ph.D.s must remain cognizant of the fact that approximately 50% of doctorate holders nationally go into careers outside of academia and that Ph.D. programs must, therefore, support these multiple career outcomes. At Fordham, we have traditionally emphasized the Jesuit value of cura personalis - care for the whole person. We now propose to embed this principle more deeply as a hallmark of our Ph.D. degrees as well.

  • What fundamental transferrable habits of mind and skills do Ph.D. candidates acquire in their degree programs? How can programs support the development of these skills, and help candidates make these skills visible and flexible?
  • How will the role of faculty mentors shift and evolve?
  • What other types of advising structures should be developed to support doctoral candidates?
  • How can alumni of humanities Ph.D. programs be deployed in re-imagining mentoring and advising of doctoral candidates?
  • How can we include community partners and prospective employers in mentoring and advising Ph.D. candidates? What experiential/practical/shadowing opportunities can be created to facilitate career options?
  • How will Ph.D. program curricula imaginatively include outcomes other than academic placements, in addition to academic placements?
  • How will the new Ph.D. in humanities operationalize relations with non-academic partners to support career opportunities for graduates?

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