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Image Guidelines

Images must follow size standards

Required image sizes: (images must follow one of the set size standards)

  • Standard Sizes: 240x240, 360x360, 480x480
  • Group Sizes: 320x240, 480x360
  • Landing Page Story: 1800x865
  • Book Covers: 150x225
  • Video Still: 1165x350
  • Social Media: 28x28 (Social Media category in Image Library)

All images should be less than 300KB

  • Save for Web
  • Choose 40-60 quality
  • Choose Progressive

Look for these qualities

  • Tighter shots where a user is going to feel present in the action
  • Student faces - interested, engaged, pleasant if not happy
  • Eye contact - eye contact forms a connection with the web user
  • Sharp, bright, professional

Avoid clip art and stock photography.

Good use of images: IALC and BAAHP.

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