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Fordham Christian Fellowship

Are you looking to begin, continue, or deepen a relationship with Christ during your time at Fordham University? Would you like to meet other students who are seeking to deepen their Christian faith? Then join the Fordham Christian Fellowship! The Fordham Christian Fellowship – or FCF - is an Ecumenical Christian ministry at Fordham University committed to exploring Christian faith across our many diverse denominational and cultural traditions.

Steeped in a life in Christ, the Fordham Christian Fellowship seeks to celebrate the common practices among the Christian faithful. Throughout the academic year, the FCF sponsors a variety of programs, including opportunities for praise and worship on campus and in the local community, as well as Fellowship, Bible Study, Christian Movie Night and a variety of opportunities to grow in faith.

Sponsored and coordinated by the Office of Campus Ministry’s Interfaith Ministry Program, the Fordham Christian Fellowship works in partnership with local organizations as well as with affiliated ministers from local faith communities and graduate programs.

To learn more about upcoming programs and keep up to date on the FCF, join us on Facebook.

Joan Cavanagh
Director of Interfaith Ministry
McGinley 205B