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Our Retreat Team

If you have any questions about the retreat ministry or would just like to talk over which retreat experience might be best for you, please contact us, and we'll be happy to tell you more! You can contact the Fordham retreat team.

RetreatsOur Director:

Stephanie Roddy
Spiritual Retreat Ministries
McGinley 103



Pastoral Minister for Retreats:

Dave de la Fuente is thrilled to return to the Fordham Dave DeLa Fuente photoRetreat Ministry as part-time Campus Minister for retreats. He is in the doctoral program in the Department of Theology and a graduate of Fordham College at Lincoln Center. Dave's pastoral work and theological studies focus on the work of the Holy Spirit and the nature and mission of the church. His other passions include running, cooking, playing guitar, watching the New York Rangers, and playing with cats. He and his wife Adrienne (also an alum of FCLC and of the retreat ministry) live in the Bronx. 





Meet the Student Leaders:

As leaders, we have all experienced the awesomeness of retreats ... the peace, the friendship, the laughter, the quiet times, the hope, the joy, (the food!), and most importantly, the love of God that makes it all possible! Whatever your particular reason for joining us on retreats, please know how happy we are to share the journey with you and that we'll do all we can to help make your experience as comfortable and enriching as possible.

Nick Roveto was born and raised on Long Island, New YorkRetreat photo and is thankful for knowing what real bagels and pizza taste like. He is a member of the FCRH class of 2022 and studies History and Medieval Studies with a minor in Theology. One day he hopes to teach social studies classes at a high school level. If you would like to get to know him then get ready for a limitless amount of useless trivia and discussions about Star Wars, video games, or America's National Parks. Nick has also been told that he gives great hugs by friends and family alike, so don't be afraid to ask for one! Nick is blessed to follow in the footsteps of his brother Matt at Fordham (FCRH 2016) and as a retreat leader as well. He can't wait to see what his new future on the team has in store.


Patricia Whyte is a member of FCRH class of 2021, and campus ministry, retreatcomes from a small town in Bergen County, New Jersey called Glen Rock. Patricia loves theatre, choir, writing, and tea (her favorite is earl grey). She also likes New Jersey things like taylor ham, the shore, and Billy Joel, but doesn’t understand Wawa culture and is often ridiculed for it. In addition to the Fordham Retreat Team, Patricia is a member of Fordham Experimental Theatre, Theatrical Outreach Program, and Gloria Dei Choir. This will be her 2nd year as a retreat leader and she is excited to grow in her faith and meet all the retreatants in this upcoming year! 

Alex Vitek is a member of the FCRH class of 2020, campus ministry, retreatcurrently majoring in Chemistry, but is heading in an “undecided” major  next year. He’s from Abington, Pennsylvania, a suburb of Philadelphia and enjoys working out, soccer, basketball, service, prayer, laughing, and the challenge of reaching enlightenment. Alex grew so much from going on two Fordham retreats, and wants to foster that growth for others. As there is always room for personal development,  he’s excited to deepen his spirituality and continue progressing as a whole person with the retreat team.

Philip Hourguettes is in the Gabelli School of Business,Retreat photo Class of 2021.  A true Southerner, Philip is from jazzy New Orleans, Louisiana.  He is a huge fan of Drake and the NFL, standing by his New Orleans Saints.  Philip can be found randomly dancing in inappropriate situations, delivering food for Uber Eats, or hanging out in the T-Mobile store.  He is so excited to use his energy to lead some fun and exciting retreats this year.

Audrey Annison was born on July 11, 1998 at the exact campus ministry, retreataverage height and weight for newborns at the time. Since that day, she has spent her life attempting to be anything but average. Audrey hails from Clayton, CA, a tiny little town on the edge of the San Francisco Bay Area, where she grew up on a hill next to a pumpkin patch. She moved away to New York to “challenge herself” and to learn more about this crazy thing called seasons. Audrey will talk your ear off about pretty much anything – but go ahead and ask about her hippie high school, ice water, synchronized swimming, or any show on TV to get her started. She’s studying Political Science and Film and Television because what’s life without a little risk, you know? Her talents include hair-braiding, procrastinating, that game where you have to get an Oreo from your forehead to your mouth without using your hands, and, hopefully, retreat-leading.

Kate Murphy is from Jenkintown, Pennsylvania,Retreat photo but was proudly born in Philadelphia and does pronounce "water" the correct way, which is pronounced like "wooder". She is a Spanish major and Theatre minor and can be seen frequently on the Ram Van racing back and forth for her classes or in Collins auditorium in rehearsal. Kate is an avid coffee drinker and can almost always be found drinking coffee. If you see her without coffee, then something is definitely wrong and please direct her to the nearest cup of coffee available. She is extremely passionate about theatre, her dog, coffee, and retreat ministry and would love to talk to you about them! She could not be more excited for another amazing year on the retreat team!

MaryBeth Rodgers is part of the FCLC class of 2021, Retreat photo majoring in Dance and Economics. When not in the dance studio, she can be found walking around Central Park or Union Square, hunting for new used bookstores around Manhattan, or reading Harry Potter and Marvel fan theories. If you see her around, ask her about her newest crochet project or inquire about her pride for her home state. (Did you know that the Statue of Liberty is on the Jersey side of the Hudson, and that both the NFL Giants and the Jets are housed in New Jersey?) MaryBeth is so excited to embark on a year of meeting new people and strengthening her relationship with God and those around her.

Fred Blunt is from Warminster, Pennsylvania (also known as campus ministry, retreat"just outside of Philly") and is a member of FCRH Class of 2020.  He is pursuing a major in Integrative Neuroscience, with minors in Bioethics and Theology.  His main talent is napping on command and he is a coffee enthusiast.  The Fordham cats are his favorite part of campus, and he loves sunny days on Eddies.  Fred is very excited to be a retreat leader, and hopes to encourage growth among his classmates, and within himself, throughout the rest of his time at Fordham!

Elly Rodriguez is a senior at FCRH from Evanston, Illinois. Retreat photoShe is currently working towards majors in Psychology, Spanish, and Theology. After Elly’s first retreat, she fell head over heels for Fordham’s Campus Ministry. Now, she is involved in several different Campus Ministry sponsored ministries including Praise and Worship, Christian Life Communities, Kerygma Koffee, Liturgical Ministry, Marriage Ministry, and Retreat Ministry, as well as working as one of their student interns. Elly is so excited to continue leading retreats and hopes to meet many of you along the way!

Annika Freese is a proud member of the FCRH Class of campus ministry, retreat2020, double-majoring in Philosophy and Film. In addition to leading retreats, Annika also works as an audio engineer at WFUV, writes and records her own music, watches The Office too frequently, and consistently gets a nice even sunburn on Eddie’s. To know her is to love her, and to love her is to hear an obscene amount of Hamilton and John Mulaney references. So, what are you waiting for? Come over and say hello already!

Jay Dufour was born in November of 1997 in Corpus Christi,campus ministry, retreat TX. Soon after he was born, he and his family moved to New Hampshire, the place Jay calls “Home.” He is currently a Psychology major at FCRH, Class of 2020. After swimming and running cross-country in high school, he tries to stay active by running half-marathons and hiking mountains across New Hampshire. At school, he enjoys working with people, whether it be through tutoring, mentoring, or retreat ministry. He is looking forward to joining the Youth Development in Diverse Contexts Research Lab in the fall, and cannot wait for his third year serving in Retreat Ministry!

Jack Nussrallahis a proud product of Omaha, Nebraska,Retreat photo which, contrary to popular belief, is not all cornfields. A self-proclaimed “Chick-fil-A connoisseur,” he is a member of the GSB-RH Class of 2022, currently majoring in “I don’t know yet.” He can usually be found either watching his beloved Royals and Nebraska Basketball or laboring over who to start for his intramural basketball team. His hobbies include geography, listening to Anderson .Paak, watching/playing sports, and trying to memorize the subway system. At Fordham, he is also a member of the New Student Orientation team and Rose Hill Society. A graduate of Creighton Prep, Omaha’s Jesuit high school, Jack has been involved in retreats for years and is ecstatic to be a part of Fordham’s Retreat Team. He is thrilled to get to know people through Fordham Retreats and cannot wait to make memories in Goshen.

Emma Paolini is a junior from Medford, New Jersey, Retreat photowhich is a town in South Jersey that she just likes to call "Philly." She is an English major with a creative writing concentration and dreams of the day when the musical she wrote about mozzarella sticks hits Broadway. Some of her favorite things are Harry Potter, black coffee, pop music from the 70's and 80's, The Great British Bake-Off, funny socks, golden oreos, magnolia trees, Central Park's lake, and, of course, retreat team. You can probably catch her on Eddie's or in the botans on a sunny day and in the library with a good book on a rainy day, but any day she would choose to be in Goshen. Emma is looking forward to growing in faith and friendship this next year as she drinks Goshen's entire supply of peach tea.

Collette Campbell is from Atlanta, Georgia andRetreat photo is very passionate about Chick-Fil-A. She is a member of the FCRH Class of 2022 majoring in psychology. At Fordham, Collette is on the executive board for Residence Halls Association, is a co-director for Fordham Dance Marathon 2020, and is a member of the club soccer team! During the summer, she works at an all-girls Christian camp, which you will hear her talk about non-stop throughout the year. She is so excited to embark on her first year in retreat ministry, bonding with retreatants over hot chocolate, talking about faith, and growing closer to God.

Olivia Higgins is a member of the FCRH class of 2021, she is an campus ministry, retreatEnglish major with a minor in Marketing and a concentration in American Catholic Studies. She is from Highland Lakes, New Jersey but it is such a small town that she just says she lives an hour and a half from NYC. Olivia loves to read, sing, dance, and play kazoo (all at about a third grade level). Her favorite things are her family, friends, the Shore, and telling stories; and she would love to talk to you about any of them! She spends most of her time laughing and aspires to make as many dumb jokes as possible in the Goshen retreat house.

Bridget Murphy is a member of the FCRH class of 2021 campus ministry, retreatfrom Trumbull, CT. She has proudly embraced her (nerdy?) passion for math by majoring in it, and can’t wait to see what the future holds! She is so excited to be going to college in New York City, and likes finding cheap tickets to Broadway shows and exploring Central Park. Around Fordham, you can find her singing in Women’s Choir, tutoring young girls at the Rosedale Achievement Center, giving tours, or hanging out in the math department (woo!). She is very thankful to be able to share her love and faith through campus ministry, and welcomes everyone to hang out with her on Wednesday nights at Praise and Worship! She is looking forward to meeting lots of people through retreat ministry and will never say no to a hug!

John Luke Pileggi is a member of the FCRH class of 2020,campus ministry, retreat referred to as the “visionary class” by Father McShane. He was born and raised in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, in the suburbs of Philadelphia. John Luke has a double major in psychology and sociology with a minor in theology and loves (almost) every minute, but he really hasn’t thought about what he’ll do after college, so please do him a favor and don’t ask. In his spare time, you can find John Luke watching reruns of his favorite shows (like The Office), yelling at the TV during Philadelphia sporting events, jamming to Mumford and Sons, and enjoying every nice day relaxing on Eddies instead of studying. One of these days, he hopes to earn a starting spot on his intramural soccer team. John Luke loves retreats, and he can’t wait to spend another great year connecting with his fellow students in Goshen.

Sophie Lee , born and raised in the Bay Area, moved 3,000Retreat photo miles away from the nearest In-N-Out to join the Class of 2020 at FCRH. She will talk your ear off about her cat, Scout, or the British procedural she is currently watching. As Film & Television major with a minor in Visual Arts, you can find Sophie covered in paint in Keating basement or watching Clue for the 113th time. She loves to embroider, stress bake, and generally act like a grandmother. Sophie loves being a part of the retreat team family and working with the Fordham community to find God in all things!

Claire Kielsa is a senior French Studies major and TheatreRetreat photo minor on the 5 year teaching track at FCLC. She grew up on the Minnesota/Wisconsin border and loves heading back to the Twin Cities area to visit her family and their 5 goats over breaks. In addition to retreat team, she coaches figure skating and loves knitting, baking, and watching Grey's Anatomy. One time, she spent a week crafting an 8 hour Spotify playlist of 2000s pop music in chronological order during finals. This will be her third year as a retreat leader at Fordham and she can't wait to spend quality time at Goshen with her fellow leaders and retreatants this year!

Ariston Papeo is a member of the FCRH Class of 2020,campus ministry, retreat majoring in Philosophy and History with a minor in Psychology (and a minor in theology if he can just get it past his advisors!) Born in 1998, he is a born and bred Brooklyn kid and a lifetime New Yorker. A Gemini and an actual twin, Ari is the VPI of Fordham Debate Society, a member of Queer Sprit Community. In his free time he writes sappy poetry and prose, cook, sing, and engage in community activism. He is a passionate advocate for issues relating to LGBT+ Youth Homelessness and believes that God can be found in the smallest of moments and simplest of actions. He feels honored to join this wonderful team of leaders and help others experience God in their own unique ways!


Katie Kutchera is a junior in the Gabelli Schoolcampus ministry, retreat of Business. She is from warm Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and absolutely loves the city, but cannot seem to get used to the cold. She loves hockey, Chance the Rapper, celebrity gossip, and bubble tea. On campus, Katie can usually be spotted spending copious hours at the caf or on line at Starbucks (although her heart belongs to Dunkin Donuts!). This is her first year as a Retreat Leader and she couldn’t be more excited! She looks forward to an incredible year of retreats, new friendships, and great experiences!

Emma Quinn was supposed to be born on HalloweenRetreat photo of 1997, but showed up early, on October 13th. It wasn't a Friday, though, and so Emma constantly suffers from a disappointing lack of spookiness in her life. Originally hailing from Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania, she is a member of the FCLC Class of 2020, majoring in history with a second major in theology. Being a part of retreat ministry has helped Emma to grow in her own faith, while also giving her plenty of time to nap on the Ram Van. Outside of Campus Ministry, Emma loves baking with her friends, exploring new places, and tripping over nothing on a daily basis. She hopes to spend her senior year trying not to think about how it's her last year on retreat team.

Liam Scott is a Junior in Fordham College Rose Hillcampus ministry, retreat and hails from Philadelphia, PA. Besides leading retreats at Fordham, Liam leads campus tours through the Rose Hill Society and plays on the Ultimate Frisbee team. In the summers, Liam works as a camp counselor at Camp Downer in Sharon, Vermont. He graduated from Philadelphia’s Jesuit High School, St. Joseph’s Prep, and has taken part in one of Fordham’s excellent Global Outreach projects, attending GO! El Salvador in 2018. Liam is so very excited to be leading some awesome retreats this year!

Abigail (Abby) Lee was born in San Francisco, California,campus ministry, retreat but lived most of her life in Walnut Creek, CA; a suburb 30 minutes away from the city. She is currently a senior at Fordham College Rose Hill and is double majoring in International Studies and French Studies. She just returned home from a semester abroad in Morocco, where she traveled, became more fluent in French and learned some Arabic. Abby loves to be active, hang out with fun people, travel, read, be outdoors, and especially eat good food. Some of her favorite things about Fordham are the interesting people she’s met, the volunteer opportunities she’s participated in with high school and middle schoolers from the Bronx, and the chance to explore New York.  She can’t wait for the chance to be apart of the amazing community of retreat team, to deepen her faith, and to meet more incredible people!  

Mia Behrens is a member of the FCRH class of 2021 majoringRetreat photo in Psychology with a minor in Theology. She is from Bellport, New York, a little town on Long Island where she first found her spiritual connection to the water and nature. Connecting with God through nature and others are two of her favorite things, so if she's not in the Botanical Gardens on a run or soaking up the sun on Eddie's, she's probably talking to a friend about life's meaning over coffee. Mia loves to laugh and is terribly excited to meet lots of people through retreat team to  explore faith, connect and laugh with! 

Jayden Doan is a sophomore at Fordham CollegeRetreat photo Lincoln Center. She is originally from Chattanooga, Tennessee and has lived in the south her whole life until college. A political science major, Jayden loves to read the news and talk about politics. She loves to serve her community through volunteering and will be an Urban Plunge Assistant in the fall as well as a tour guide with the Lincoln Center Society. Jayden loves all genres of music and will happily accept music recommendations and a link to your Spotify. (Follow me!) She is so excited for her first year on the retreat team and looks forward to meeting new people!

Megan Farr is a member of FCRH Class of '22Retreat photo from the great state of Texas. She is double majoring in International Political Economy and Theology. While she misses Tex-Mex and Aggie football, she loves living in New York and going to Fordham! Her favorite things include eating breakfast food at any time of the day, yelling very loudly during football games, drinking way too much water, and stress baking. She's so excited to lead retreats this year and meet amazing new people along the way! And eat all the food in the Goshen pantry!!

Alexandra Putze, is a senior at Fordham CollegeRetreat photo Rose Hill studying Computer Science and Psychology. Despite being a native to the Colorado Rocky Mountains, Alexandra fell in love with the bustling energy of New York City, and knew Fordham was the right fit after her first visit. Attending retreats has been a deeply treasured part of Alexandra’s Fordham experience, and she is so excited to embrace this role as an opportunity for personal growth. In addition to a passion for retreat ministry, Alexandra enjoys teaching health education workshops in Bronx high schools as a Senior Peer Health Educator and connecting with God through music as a member of Gloria Dei and Women’s Choir. Alexandra spent last semester studying abroad in London, which was especially exciting for her, because both she and her Grandfather are birthday buddies with the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle. 

Anaissa Gonzalez is a proud member of the FCRH Retreat photo Class of 2021, majoring in English and looking to declare a minor or two. A lover of stories, Issa is always in the middle of some book, TV show, movie, podcast, or any other form of media that draws her into a new and exciting world. She hopes to go into publishing, where she can help get stories to readers while working in the city she loves. Though she is a Bronx native, Issa is unfortunately a very bad navigator and should never be asked for directions to any destination. Issa is a firm believer in compassion, empathy, and hugs and hopes to bring all these things to the retreat team. She looks forward to growing in faith and connecting with her fellow students while enjoying all the beautiful views and awesome snacks Goshen has to offer.

Joseph Rufini is from Bay Area in California.Joseph Rufini He is a supporter of the Golden State Warriors and a big burrito guy. His free time hobbies include theater, rugby, and tearing his ACL. He loves the peace and tranquility that he gets from retreats and he recommends them to anyone who are on the fence about it. He looks forward to seeing all the new and returning retreatants that are going to be (re)treating themselves this year.  

Redmond Ang is a junior in the Gabelli School of Business.Retreat photo He comes from La La Land and moved to the apple of considerable mass to see the seasons change and discover what layering means outside the context of a delicious bean dip. He stage manages theatre productions on campus and works for Campus Dining; so if you need a meal plan, come find him! If he’s not in a theatre or at work, you can probably find him at a Zumba or Hip Hop Class doing his version of the dance moves. Redmond is looking forward to his first year on retreat team and the new stories he will hear. 

Triona Delumpa is a part of the FCRH Class of 2022,Retreat photo and her major is International Political Economy. She is originally from Cupertino, California located in the BAY AREA!! She is extremely prideful of her roots in the golden state, but she has grown to love New York and considers it just as much a home. She is the sixth of eight children, and loved growing up with seven best friends. She enjoys singing, calligraphy, the color yellow, iced lattes, the city, hugs, and big smiles. Music is one of her greatest passions, especially singing and playing the ukulele. If you listen closely, she is probably singing right now! She is extremely thankful for all things campus ministry at Fordham, especially the praise and worship band and her CLC. As a retreat leader, she is looking forward to meeting new people and spreading joy and love through her spirituality.