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Our Retreat Team

If you have any questions about the retreat ministry or would just like to talk over which retreat experience might be best for you, please contact us, and we'll be happy to tell you more! You can contact the Fordham retreat team.

RetreatsOur Director:

Stephanie Roddy
Spiritual Retreat Ministries
McGinley 103



Pastoral Minister for Retreats:

Dave de la Fuente is thrilled to return to the Fordham Dave DeLa Fuente photoRetreat Ministry as part-time Campus Minister for retreats. He is in the doctoral program in the Department of Theology and a graduate of Fordham College at Lincoln Center. Dave's pastoral work and theological studies focus on the work of the Holy Spirit and the nature and mission of the church. His other passions include running, cooking, playing guitar, watching the New York Rangers, and playing with cats. He and his wife Adrienne (also an alum of FCLC and of the retreat ministry) live in the Bronx. 





Meet the Student Leaders:

As leaders, we have all experienced the awesomeness of retreats ... the peace, the friendship, the laughter, the quiet times, the hope, the joy, (the food!), and most importantly, the love of God that makes it all possible! Whatever your particular reason for joining us on retreats, please know how happy we are to share the journey with you and that we'll do all we can to help make your experience as comfortable and enriching as possible.

Collette Campell lives in Atlanta, Georgia, but has but has traveled to 22 countries!Retreat photo (her favorite being Italy and Japan.) She is majoring in French Language and Literature with a minor in Psychology as a FCRH junior. You can count on Collete to advocate for mental health, baking, and Spotify playlists. If she's not at Campbell Hall, she's busy coordinating the Fordham Dance Marathon to raise money for pediatric cancer. Above all, Collette cannot wait to be back at Goshen for more kitchen dance parties, community, and of course, hot chocolate.

Alex DiFiore is a member of the FCRH Class of 2022Retreat Team Alex DiFiore from Westchester, NY. He is a psychology major and might even minor in classics if he can work it in. If you challenged Alex, he could probably solve a Rubik's cube in just a few seconds right before your eyes, but make sure the prize is not candy or sweets because he just really doesn't like them! On campus, you might find Alex at the gym late at night coming up with ideas for his newest D&D campaign or planning an Overwatch victory. If Alex isn't there, just look for the brightest lights on campus and you'll find his dorm. Alex is excited to settle down on the Retreat Team as his first formal Fordham community and cannot wait to see what the coming year has in store!

Miranda Nardone is a Scranton-born sophomore atRetreat Team Miranda Nardone Fordham College at Lincoln Center. Still exploring her options with an undecided major, she has spent her time at Fordham participating in retreats, working with Habitat for Humanity, and exploring the city! Just one of the super cool things about Miranda is that she has set aside time to draw for 10 minutes every day for more than 2200 days! She is excited to share her gifts as a retreat leader by cultivating a family enviornment. Miranda cultivates her spirituality and finds peace listening to instrumental movie scores, reflecting, and drawing on traditions from her Italian family. Speaking of, her family owns a pizza company! However, if she had to choose to only eat cheese or chocolate for the rest of her life, she'd give up cheese on her pizza and choose chocolate.

Philip Hourguettes is a true Gabelli Boy of the class ofRetreat Team Phil H 2021 studying Finance. He proudly hails from New Orleans, Louisiana, and you'll probably find him playing some casual poker, skateboarding, or driving for Uber Eats. Phil brings so much energy to lost of different communities on campus whether as an RHS tour guide, first year formation leader, mass lector, or retreat leader, though retreat team is obviously his fav. Phil can't wait to kick off his second year on retreat team with lots of fun, positivity, and energy!

Triona Delumpa was born and raised in Cupertino,retreat team Triona D California, but loves New York City and Fordham. She is a member of the FCRH class of 2022 and is majoring in International Political Economy with a minor in Theology. Triona likes music, singing, practicing guitar, art, and loves Harry Styles. She is involved with the Praise and Worship Band, Campus Ministry Intern, JesNet, and Java with the Jesuits. Triona is also excited to be a Resident Assistant in Walsh Hall next year. One of Triona's favorite places on campus is Eddies because you get to hang out with friends, play games, and listen to music. She is going into her second year as a retreat leader and is excited to see the team dynamic, meet all of the new leaders, and to get close to and meet new people this year!

Catalina Castillo-Lozano is a member of FCLC'sRetreat Team Catalina L class of 2022. As a California native, she is loving the fast pace lifestyle of the city despite having to deal with the dreadful New York winters! Catalina boasts many diverse academic interests with a major in Mathematics and a double minor in Spanish and Theology. Ultimately though, she dreams of going to law school were she can pursue corportate law after graduation. Catalina keeps busy on campus by serving as a coveted Campus Ministry intern and spending a lot of time in the math help room! Outside of school, Catalina loves eating peppermint ice cream, playing soccer, and going to Broadway shows. She even got to see her favorite musical, Hamilton, last year! As a first year Retreat Leader, she is excited to grow in her sprituality, foster deep connections with peers, and return to Goshen!

MaryBeth Rodgers is from the lovely state of New RT MaryBeth R Jersey and is a proud member of the FCLC class of 2021,majoring in Dance and Economics. When she's not breaking it down in the studio, she loves to mosey around the city seeking out used bookstores. She is a big Potterhead and also a fan of Hank Green's An Absolutely Remarkable Thing. MaryBeth is a wizard when it comes to crochet and she loves to spend time with her family. Fun Fact: MaryBeth's grandparents met at Fordham and her grandmother was one of the first women to attend Fordham. However, don't even think about referring to Eddie's as Eddie's in front of them. Her grandmother is famous for saying, "These young rascals, back in my day we called it St. Edwards Parade." (Not a real quote). MaryBeth can't wait to dive deeper into leadeign her small groups and continue to establish lasting relationships through retreat team.

Redmond Ang  is a senior in the Gabelli School of BusinessRT Redmond A  where he is majoring in Business Administration with concentrations in Marketing and Management. He was born and raised in sunny Los Angeles, California where he and all of his brothers just so happen to have the same first, middle, and last initals! When he isn't leading Zumba in the Goshen Retreat house, you can find him stage managing or acting in Mimes and Mummers productions at Fordham. This is Redmond's second year as a retreat leader and he loves having the ability to meet new people and bring people together from different walks of life. His favorite part of retreats is having meals, creating memories, and getting in touch with his spirituality.

Bridget Murphy is a senior member of FCRH from good 'ol Trumbull,Retreat Team Bridget M Conneticut! She is majoring in math and enjoys spending her time at the math department tutoring fellow students (and going to the tea parties every Wednesday)! Last semester was her first time living off campus, and she loved having her friends visit her apartment, even making Tuesdays the offical "midweek hangout". During her free time, Bridget loves to sing for Fordham's choir, explore Central Park, watch New Girl, and is widely known for making the best pies and Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies! She adores journaling, reflecting, and working for Campus Ministry, even running Praise and Worship, which is a community with singing and prayer. Bridget could not be any more excited to be a mentor-leader for the new retreat team family!

Annaissa Gonzalez is a proud senior at FCRH and Bronx native.RT Issa G Her English major matches her passion for stories and dreams of working in publishing. That same passion can be found in her favorite hobbies, reading and listening to podcasts, and even her classes, a favorite being about The Hunger Games and survival literature. When she's on campus, Issa can likely be found in either the library or the McGinley lounge, her "dorm" as a commuter. She is looking forward to furthering her personal understanding of spirituality while growing in faith, connecting, and sharing the iconic Goshen snacking with both new and returning retreatants.

Jack Nussrallah was born and raised in Omaha, NebraskaRT Jack N and is now a junior in the Gabelli school of business majoring in accounting with a global business concentration. He enjoyes watching sports, eating fast food, reading about current events, and expanding his knowledge of geography. You can most often find Jack hanging out in the cafe, practicing with his intramural sports teams, or listening to his favorite band Whitney. He is also involved with Rose Hill Society, Orientation, and driving the RamVan. Jack is looking forward to being back at Goshen and connecting to his faith in nature. He loves being a part of the Retreat Team and is so excited to make new connections with people, form a deeper community, and to see where the year will take him.

Julianna Cavallaro is incredibly excited to join theRT Julianna C retreat team for the 2020-2021 school year! She's a Long Island native in the class of 2022 at FCRH currently majoring in neuroscience. On campus, she can be seen working in the bio lab, doing community outreach with JesNet, and serving as a hospitality and eucharistic minister in the University Church. In her free time, Julianna loves to run, read, cook, and bake, and can be found reciting every lyric from the musical Hamilton or spending inordinate amounts of time in the library. 

Alessandra Carino  was born and raised in the boogie-downRetreat Team Alessandra Carino Bronx and has been singing and dancing ever since-- in her words, she WILL start singing in the middle of a sentence, with Christian music being her favorite genre. She's now a sophomore whose major is undecided at the moment but she's interested in Theology and Italian. Alessandra is very involved on campus between JesNet, leading a CLC, serving as a liturgical minister, and being an active member of the Commuting Students of Association, she's always on the move, but you might catch her hanging out in her favorite places on campus, the commuter lounge and the Ignatian Room. Campus Ministry is wehre Alessandra feels she's found her family on campus, and getting involved in retreats has brought so much joy into her life. She is so excited to enjoy the natural beauty of Goshen this upcoming year, making new friendships and unforgettable memories as a member of the retreat team!

Olivia Stern is a sophomore at Fordham LincolnRT Olivia Stern Center, class of 2023. She is currently a Journalism major, and she even writes for the Fordham observer. When she is not busy writing articles, she enjoys reading, cooking, going to coffee shops, hanging out with friends, and working her job at the public library. If you want to say hi, you can often find her in the comfy Argo Tea chairs or at her job at the Performance Arts Library! Outside of Fordham life, Olivia loves camping with her family and travelling. Coming from a small town church near Milwaukee, Wisconsin, she is excited to continue retreats in college and meet new people, especially from Rose Hill.

Olivia Sieniawki was born and raised in the Bronx is a member RT Olivia Sof the Gabelli class of 2023. She loves going to concerts (big Lumineers fan), baking, and staying active by hiking, running, and swimming. She can be spotted laying on Eddies or cracking jokes with her friends in Hughes. She is very talented and can even count up to ten in six different languages! Olivia is super excited to make new friends on the retreat team, eat a lot of cookies, and drink a ton of tea this upcoming year.

Eli Taylor was born in Daegu, South Korea on RT Eli TNovember 1, 2000. Graduating in 2023, he is a Business Administration major with a concentration in Management and a minor in Philosophy in the Gabelli School of Business. He is from New Milford, Connecticut and lives on campus at Rose Hill. One of his favorite memories at Fordham is participating in Lessons and Carols, and he loves to sing. He hopes to work in the Campus Ministry office one day too! Some of his hobbies include cooking, hiking, electronics, building computers, and being outdoors. He found Catholicism in high school, and his faith has been important to him ever since. Eli loved going on Cor Retreat and is now extremely excited to be a part of Retreat Team because he loves spending time at Goshen and wants to deepen and grow his spirituality.

Bette Danganan is a sophomore at Fordham LincolnRetreat Team Bette D Center/Ailey Dance School. Originally from Chicago, Bette didn’t expect to go to Fordham at first, but she now loves exploring the city on the weekends and attending dance shows/concerts with her friends. Bette is excited to join the retreat team and to be part of a new community at Fordham after attending FreshVision her first year at LC. When she’s not attending retreats or dancing for school, Bette loves to sing and play her ukulele and write poetry. Above all else, Bette is eager to make close friends with retreatants and leaders in Campus Ministry.

Nick Roveto, a proud Long Islander, is a member of the Retreat Team Nick Roveto FCRH class of 2022 and currently studying History and Theology. Aside from his studies, Nick can usually be found playing video games, peacefully enjoying the Blue Chapel, or even pumping iron at the gym in the wee hours of the morning (like the immeasurably dedicated man he is). Additionally, many even know him as a National Park enthusiast as well as a Star-Wars aficionado. Nick is also blessed to follow in the footsteps of his brother, Matt (FCRH 2016), and as a retreat leader as well. All in all, he is happy to be on the retreat team and quite excited to see what new experiences lie in wait for him and the team.

Amalia Sordo Palacios is a member of the Class of 2023 planningRetreat Team Amalia Sordo to major in Neuroscience. She was born in Venezuela, and she’s lived in 5 different places, but now her and her family live in San Antonio, Texas. She loves to read, bike, and play water polo (ask her about the club team she’s starting with fellow retreat leader, Megan Farr!). Amalia is an Urban Plunge leader, is part of the Autism Speaks club, and frequents Praise and Worship on Wednesday nights! She’s excited to meet new people on retreats and grow more in her own Catholic faith. If you need to find her on campus, look in the math help room!

Megan Farr is from the great city of Houston,RT Megan F Texas and is a member of FCRH Class of 2022. She is studying both International Political Economy and Theology, and is involved in several extracurriculars as well as being an Honors student. Along with serving on the retreat team, Megan is one of Fordham’s Christian Living Community (CLC) Leaders and interns at South Bronx United tutoring kids. In her free time, she loves watching football, reading, running, baking for her friends, and can usually be found in the Cafe, her favorite place to eat on campus. She is so excited to get to know everyone in Goshen with its wonderful atmosphere and stocked pantry.


Katie Kutchera is so excited to be a partcampus ministry, retreat of the 2020-2021 Retreat team! Katie is a rising senior studying Finance at the Gabelli School at Rose Hill originally from Coral Springs, a town in South Florida. Katie spends a lot of her time being on the E-board for Smart Women Securities and at the Ramline (call center) where she works. However, in her freetime she LOVES reading about philosophy, and she always gives a big shout out to her favorite philosopher Kierkegaard. In the past, Katie has enjoyed playing ice hockey and this summer she is interning with City Bank where she hopes to work after graduation. Katie looks forward to another year on the retreat team building community and reaching out to all students at Fordham! She is so ecstatic to return to Goshen and create many more memories.

Tyler Woodward is part of the GSB class of 2022, and he isRT Tyler W majoring in Fincance with a concentration in FinTech. He is one of four children, and he grew up on Long Island. He loves reading science fiction and fantasy books, and he even works in the Walsh Library at Rose Hill! If you ever visit him in the library, feel free to speak in English or gibberish, as he is fluent in both languages. While not hard at work, he enjoys going to EDM concerts and going on Fordham retreats. Last year, he attended Men's Retreat, and he is excited to foster the same welcoming community on retreat team this year!

Matt Wilson, from Wayne Pennsylvania, is a marketingRT Matt W major at FCRH class of 2022. He loves cooking, singing in the shower, and talking about Philadelphia sports. He knows a bunch of chords on the ukulele, piano, AND harmonica. If you see him around, ask him about his favorite thing to cook (pancakes) or his recommendations of the best places to hang a hammock (namely, Valley Forge National Park). This is his first year on the retreat team, and he is excited to meet new people and help others create a sense of curiosity around their faith.

Alana Campbell is a junior at Fordham CollegeRetreat Team Alana Campbell Lincoln Center studying International Studies and Religious Studies. Born and raised in Long Island, New York, Alana enjoys embroidering, baking, and cooking in her free time! When on campus, Alana can often be found in her kitchen, where her favorite thing to cook is peanut baked tofu! A true Disney enthusiast, Alana will be a part of the Disney College Program during Fall 2020. During her time at Fordham, Alana also worked as a NGO intern. This will be Alana’s first year on the team, and she looks forward to being a part of the community and experiences we foster in Goshen!

Patricia Whyte is a senior at FCRH from GlenRT Tricia W Rock, New Jersey. On campus she can likely be found at Collins Auditorium, putting in rehearsal time for one of many Fordham groups she dedicates her time to. Patricia is an active member of Fordham Experimental Theatre, Theatrical Outreach Program, and Gloria Dei Choir. Beyond her artistic commitments, she has also been an Urban Plunge Assistant and a writer for The Fordham Ram. During her junior year, she had the opportunity to go abroad to Granada, Spain. This allowed her to reach a new level of independence and challenged her beyond her expectations. Coming into her senior year with the wisdom of handling all these experiences, Patricia is thrilled to begin her 3rd and final year as a retreat leader! She cannot wait to meet all the retreatants in this upcoming year!

Olivia "Liv" Higgins is a senior English major atRT Olivia H FCRH, hailing from the newest of Jerseys. Returning from abroad, she spent her spring semester reconnecting with friends; in fact, her favorite memories were weekly retreat team hangouts, where her and her friends would laugh at the shenanigans that unfolded on New Girl. When she’s not planning or attending a retreat, Liv likes reading fiction, running, and going to the beach. She usually can be found on the third floor of Walsh Library, more specifically, near the windows overlooking Chipotle. If she’s not at the library, she probably is tutoring at City Squash or helping produce the inspirational Our Story events. She’s excited to find out what retreats she’ll be leading her senior year and all the new faces she’ll meet along the way.

Maria Colosi  was born in Virginia, justRT Maria C outside of D.C. She is a member of the class of 2021 as a business administration major, concentrating in marketing and sustainable business. For fun, she truly enjoys writing as well as listening to almost all forms of music. Interestingly about Maria, she just bought a bunch of chickens, but make no mistake, she’s no chicken herself. In fact, she’s a very adventurous person who is excited to use her passion and energy to lead some totally awesome retreats this year.

Emma Paolini is a FCRH senior majoring in English with a RT Emma P Creative Writing Concentration and a minor in Marketing. She was born in Philadelphia and moved to a nearby town in New Jersey that she still calls Philly. Other than being on the wonderful retreat team, she is involved in all three theatre groups on campus, the performance poetry team, and Ampersand, Fordham’s literary magazine. She dreams of one day working in publishing and marketing combining her love for reading, writing, and recommending books. In the meantime, though you can find her on Eddie’s on a sunny day, Collins late at night, the Botanical Gardens, or really anywhere outside. In her free time, she loves to sing karaoke, cook, watch Bon Appétit cooking videos, and listen to fun and folky music (sometimes even LANY which is surprisingly three men and not one woman). She can’t wait for another great year of kitchen dance parties, drinking tea, eating golden Oreos, cooking, and even doing the dishes in Goshen.

Kate Murphy is from Jenkintown, Pennsylvania, but was proudly Retreat Team Kate M born in Philadelphia and does pronounce “water” the correct way, which is pronounced like “wooder”. She is a Spanish major and Theatre minor and can be seen frequently on the Ram Van racing back and forth for her classes or in Collins auditorium in rehearsal. Kate is an avid coffee drinker and can almost always be found drinking coffee. If you see her without coffee, then something is definitely wrong and please direct her to the nearest cup of coffee available. She is extremely passionate about theatre, her dog, coffee, and retreat ministry and would love to talk to you about them! She could not be more excited for another amazing year on the retreat team!

Mia Behrens is a member of the FCRH class of 2021 majoringRetreat Team Mia B in Psychology with a minor in Theology. She is from Bellport, New York, a little town on Long Island where she first found her spiritual connection to the water and nature. Connecting with God through nature and others are two of her favorite things, so if she's not in the Botanical Gardens on a run or soaking up the sun on Eddie's, she's probably talking to a friend about life's meaning over coffee. Mia loves to laugh and is terribly excited to meet lots of people through retreat team to explore faith, connect and laugh with!

Jayden Doan is a junior at Fordham College Lincoln Center.Retreat Team Jayden D She is originally from Chattanooga, Tennessee and has lived in the south her whole life until college. A political science major, Jayden loves to read the news and talk about politics. She loves to serve her community through volunteering and will be an Urban Plunge Captain in the fall as well as a tour guide with the Lincoln Center Society. Jayden loves all genres of music and will happily accept music recommendations and a link to your Spotify. (Follow me!) She is so excited to be on the retreat team and looks forward to meeting new people!