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ConferenceThe Conference will feature the following panels:

Names of panelists, dates and times, and titles of additional panels will be added as the conference develops

  1. Scorsese, Silence, & The Ignatian Imagination
  2. America & Commonweal: National Catholic Magazines & the Flourishing of the Catholic Imagination
  3. Catholic Women’s Voices
  4. Catholic Writers : The Next Generation
  5. Irish Incarnations of the Catholic Imagination
  6. Beyond the Sopranos: The Ethnic Catholic Imagination
  7. Contemporary Catholic Fiction: ‘Making Belief Believable’
  8. Contemporary Catholic Poetry
  9. Catholics Writing for the Stage and Screen
  10. Catholic Memoir & Spiritual Autobiography
  11. The Legacy of Dante in Art, Literature, & Culture
  12. Theory and Theology: Religious Criticism and the Catholic Literary Tradition
  13. Ecumenical Perspectives on the Catholic Imagination
  14. Curating the Catholic Imagination: Editors’ Roundtable Discussion
  15. Presence: A Journal of Catholic Poetry Launch & Reading
  16. New York City Novelists: The Voice of the Boroughs
  17. Biography & the Catholic Literary Legacy
  18. Form & Content: The Art of Good Writing

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