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I. Contemporary Teaching and Learning Infused with Ethics and Justice

We live in a time when there is a growing insistence on education as little more than narrowly focused career preparation. Concurrently, the new digital learning ecosystem and the free, unfiltered flow of information are calling into question established ways of teaching and intellectual authority. This is our opportunity to show the world the value of an unabashedly humanistic education for digital natives. By imaginatively retooling our pedagogy for new ways of learning, and by helping students understand the broad range of meaningful professional futures open to them, we serve our mission of promoting holistic development, prepare students for gainful and productive employment, and ultimately produce the most important outcome of all: thoughtful, active citizens who are capable of changing the world.

  1. Inspire Personal and Social Transformation through Liberal Education
  2. Reimagine Student-Centered Teaching and Learning
  3. Promote Holistic Personal Development