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Joining the Cause of Bothered Excellence

We make our home in the city where the world’s future is being worked out and dreamed into reality. We will not and cannot be bystanders; that is not who we are. But the questions that we formulate as members of the Fordham community must matter.

Some of these questions will spur our faculty and students to push the frontiers of knowledge outward. Others will spur us to criticize the globalization and glamorization of superficiality. But we must ensure that every question stands as testimony to our pursuit of bothered excellence. Doing so will mark us as a university that is necessary for the creation of a more just world.

By bringing this framework to reality, we secure Fordham’s future and much more. We come together in insisting that distrust, distraction, and disposability will not become the defining characteristics of our times. We are ready to do the hard work that proves there is a better way forward—one led by people of competence, conscience, compassion, and commitment to the service of the human family.