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2017-2018 Committee Members

Committee Members

Nicole Bryan, Associate Dean
School of Professional and Continuing Studies, Westchester

Andrew Clark, Professor
Modern Language and Literature

Jonathan Crystal, Associate Professor, Vice Provost
Political Science

Steve D'Agustino, Director
Online Learning, Office of the Provost

Amelio D'Onofrio, Clinical Professor
Psychology and Educational Services

Keith Eldredge, Dean of Students
Lincoln Center Campus, Student Affairs

Peter Feigenbaum, Director
Institutional Research

Silvia Finnemann, Professor
Biological Sciences

Ariel Fishman, Assistant Vice President
Office of the Provost

Stephen R. Grimm, Professor

Patrick Hornbeck, (co-chair); Professor

Joseph J. Lawton III, Associate Professor
Visual Arts

Donna Lehmann, Sr. Director of Marketing and Communications
Development and University Relations

Damian Lyons, Professor
Computer and Information Science

Juan Carlos Matos, Assistant Dean and Director
Multicultural Affairs, Student Affairs

Michael (Mick) McCarthy S.J., Vice President
Mission Integration and Planning

Nicholas (Nick) Milowski, Vice President

Jeannine Pinto, Assessment Officer
Institutional Research

Jackie Reich, Professor
Communication and Media Studies

Virginia Roach, Dean
Graduate School of Education

Aditya Saharia, Associate Professor
Information and Communication Systems

Henry Schwalbenberg, Associate Professor
International Political Economy and Development

Peter Stace, (co-chair); Vice President

Ian Weinstein, Professor
School of Law