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Differences between Homepages and Document Pages


Create a homepage when:

  • The page has children, or
  • The page requires the use of widgets

Save and then Preview or View Live in the bottom right.

Submit for approval at bottom of page.

Homepages must be activated.

Document Pages

Create a new document when:

  • The page has no children, and
  • The page does not need widgets

Submit in upper right corner.

Actions (upper left) > Preview/View Live


Creating pages (homepages or document pages) is a two-step process.

  1. Create shell which makes a place for your new page in the information architecture. Note that the title of your shell will be the name of the link that appears in the navigation. To rename your page, you must change the name of your document shell or category for homepages.
  2. Create page with content

View an example of an information architecture.

View Homepages.