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Profile of Enrolled Students

Knowing the number of enrolled undergraduate and graduate students is vital to the operation of the University. Enrollment data that describe the characteristics of our student body are essential for successful academic programming, budgeting, financing, and other crucial strategic planning activities of the University.

Data for this section of the Fact Book are obtained from the Enrollment Census. Because this section contains numerous tables, it has been divided into four sub-sections for ease of use.

Demographic Profiles

This sub-section provides a snapshot of the following characteristics of enrollees: Time Status; Gender; Race/Ethnicity; Student Type; Residence Hall Status; Religious Affiliation; Class Level; Geographic Origin – Top States; International Students – Top Countries of Origin; Credit Hours; and Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) Enrollment. This comprehensive picture is offered from three separate perspectives: Undergraduate by School and Site, Graduate by School and Site, and University-wide by Site.

Spring 2019 Demographic Profiles

Fall 2018 Demographic Profiles

ARCHIVES of Demographic Profiles from earlier terms (Fall 2016 - Spring 2018)

Longitudinal Enrollment Trends

This sub-section includes tables showing a 10-year history of Undergraduate and Graduate Enrollment by: Time Status; School; Geographic Origin; Race/Ethnicity; International Students by Country of Origin; Degree Program; and Field of Study.

Longitudinal Demographic Profiles, Fall 2009 to Fall 2018

Contents of this sub-section include a 5-year history of: Undergraduate Majors; Undergraduate Minors; and Graduate Disciplines – by School and Campus.

Majors, Minors, and Disciplines, Fall 2014 to Fall 2018

Tables in this sub-section provide a 5-year history of: International Undergraduate and Graduate Student Enrollment by Country of Origin; Visa Status; Gender; and Undergraduate Class Level.

International Student Enrollment, Fall 2014 to Fall 2018