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New and continuing students are expected to register for each course at least two weeks before the course begins. This allows us time to open enough classes for everyone and resolve any other issues so that you may have a positive experience starting each course.

Please also note, all students in the Enlighten/ADNY program are required t o take the Introduction to Catholicism course first before they are permitted to register/complete other courses. Additionally, because of the foundational nature of the Introduction course, students are also not permitted to take it concurrently with other courses. 

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An Introduction to Catholicism | NYAD 0110

The course will introduce students to the multifaceted nature of Catholicism in a historical framework. Students will be introduced to key concepts such as the meaning of faith, the nature of revelation, the analogy of faith, the concept of social salvation, and an awareness of the Church as a "mystery." In short, the course will help students to see the connection between their lives as Catholics and a God who uses history as a form of communication, who becomes incarnate, and who forms a sacramental community of faith.

Introduction to Holy Scripture | NYAD 0112

This course will introduce students to basic concepts that are necessary for reading Holy Scripture. The students will learn how the books of scripture were composed, the various types of scripture, and how the early Church chose books for inclusion into the Bible. The relationship between Holy Scripture and the Holy Spirit in the life of the Church and in the lift of the individual believer are integral parts of the course. For an in depth treatment of the relationship between Scripture, tradition, magisterium, and sensus fidelium, sign up for the level 2 workshop.

Understanding the Creed | NYAD 0114

Students will be briefly introduced to the historical context behind the creeds before turning to consider the articles of the creed. The lectures will follow the Catechism's treatment of the 12 articles of the Nicene Creed, with some particular care in addressing the issue in the final judgment.

Unveiling the Sacraments | NYAD 0120

This course will explain the meaning of a sacramental worldview and tis significance for human happiness. Students will receive a brief history as to the development of the seven sacraments and particular instructor on the history and spiritual significance of each sacrament. Particular attention will be paid to baptism and Eucharist. Catholic Social Teaching NYAD 0126 Students will be introduced to a Catholic understanding of what it means to be and act as human as outlined in Catholic teachings on social justice. The course will cover how the Church understands the dignity of the human person and the common good as well as how they interplay with the New Evangelization, answering the question: What does living Catholic social teaching mean for today?

Catholic Moral Teaching | NYAD 0128 - COMING IN MARCH

The course will examine how to reach fulfillment or happiness in life, which the Catechism sometimes refers to as beatitude. The course will cover how the Church understands conscience, sin, virtue, and the common good. Students will learn key distinctions such as the difference between an act being immoral and being sinful.

Trinity and Christology | NYAD 0130

Trinity and Christology are fundamental aspects of the Catholic faith but they can be difficult for modern people to grasp. This course will explain why these doctrines developed as they did and will point to their spiritual significance. While part of the course will cover the major councils that developed these doctrines, it will also show how our understanding of Christ and the incarnation has adapted to cultural conditions in the past. Students will learn the difference between high and low Christology and how they are both legitimate ways of understanding Jesus Christ, which can be useful for both evangelization and catechesis.

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