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New York City Opportunities for Undergraduates
Bronx Zoo / Wildlife Conservation Society

The Bronx Zoo is located across Fordham Road from Fordham’s Rose Hill campus and is the flagship zoological park of the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS).

New York Botanical Garden

A special partnership with our next-door neighbor in the Bronx allows students and faculty to work on research projects that combine plant systematics, conservation biology, and ecology.

Lincoln Center

Fordham's Lincoln Center Campus is across the street from the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts. This world renowned performing arts complex is home to The Metropolitan Opera House, The New York Philharmonic Orchestra, and The New York City Ballet.

Bronx African American History Project

The Bronx African American History Project (BAAHP) is dedicated to uncovering the cultural, political, economic, and religious histories of the more than 500,000 people of African descent in the Bronx.

Urban Plunge

Urban Plunge brings together a group of first year students who share an interest in social justice, diversity and art with experienced students who serve as ambassadors to Fordham’s surrounding community.