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The Cardinal McCarrick Travel Fellowships

The Cardinal McCarrick Travel Fellowships

Fordham’s Cardinal McCarrick Travel Fellowships honor the Cardinal’s impressive work with Catholic Relief Services on behalf of peace and development. His Eminence is a member of Fordham’s College Class of 1954 and a 1958 graduate of St. Joseph’s Seminary.

The Cardinal McCarrick Fellowship enables New York Seminarians from St. Joseph’s to visit Fordham IPED graduate students completing field assignments with Catholic Relief Services in Africa so that they can experience first-hand the official international humanitarian work of the American Catholic community.

Past Winners

Osvaldo Hernandez (2017)

Osvaldo Hernandez

Mr. Osvlado Hernandez, 2017

Randy Schwab (2016)

Randy Schwab

Mr. Randy Schwab, 2016

*Mr. Schwab is first from the right. Taken at a CRS food warehouse in Kabala, Sierra Leone.

James Sheridan (2015)

James Sheridan

Mr. James Sheridan, 2015

Deacon Elvin Rivera (2014)

Deacon Elvin Rivera

Deacon Elvin Rivera, 2014

Fr. Richard Marrano (2013)

Father Richard Marrano

Fr. Richard Marrano, 2013

Fr. Esteban Sanchez (2012)

Father Esteban Sanchez

Fr. Esteban Sanchez, 2012

Fr. Patric D’Arcy (2011)

Father Patric D’Arcy

Fr. Patric D’Arcy, 2011

*Fr. D’Arcy is the first from the right.

Fr. Ransford Clarke (2010)

Father Ransford Clarke

Fr. Ransford Clarke, 2010

*Fr. Clarke is the second from the right (2nd row)