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International Business

Regardless of your chosen concentration, a focus on international business will prepare you to operate in our increasingly globalized commercial environment.

The Value of Cross-Cultural Competencies

Completing an International Business secondary concentration indicates that you have prioritized the cross-cultural competencies that are prized by any organization that works across borders.

To earn the International Business secondary concentration, students must earn 9 credits from three upper-level classes that are coded as International Business courses. They are:

  • AC 7136 International Accounting 
  • BE 7244 Global Finance (also offered as FN 7455) 
  • BE 7243 Contemporary Issues in Global Finance (also offered as FN 7458) BE 7251 International Trade and Development 
  • BL 7322 International Business Law 
  • BL 739C ST*: International Business Ethics 
  • BL 739I ST*: Chinese Business Law 
  • CM 7525 Cross-Cultural Communications and Negotiations (also offered as MG 7615) 
  • CM 7537 Crisis Communication and Media Strategies 
  • CM 759F ST*: Global Media FN 7443 Multinational Investment Analysis 
  • FN 7451 Financial Management of Multinational Companies 
  • FN 7455 Global Finance (also offered as BE 7244) 
  • FN 7458 Contemporary Issues in Global Finance (also offered as BE 7243) 
  • FN 749G ST*: Global Capital Markets 
  • FN 749U ST*: Global Financial Markets 
  • FN 74AH ST*: Global Corporate Governance 
  • FN 74AI ST*: Global Equity Portfolio Management 
  • FN 74AJ ST*: Global Risk Management 
  • FN 74AK ST*: Raising Capital and Investing in Global Financial Markets 
  • FN 849B ST*: Emerging Markets IS 7901 E-Business Strategies and Applications 
  • IS 7910 IS Strategy and Management 
  • IS 7989 IS in the Transnational Firm 
  • IS 799G ST*: Mobile Commerce and Applications 
  • MG 7615 Cross-Cultural Communications and Negotiations (also offered as CM 7525) 
  • MG 7635 International Dimensions of Business 
  • MG 7671 Global Industry Analysis and Strategic Planning 
  • MG 7673 Strategy Implementation 
  • MG 7677 System Dynamics for Strategic Management
  • MG 7678 Strategic Management of Global Supply Chains 
  • MG 769N ST*: International Management 
  • MG 76AU ST*: Emerging Markets and Sustainability 
  • MG 76AZ ST*: Global Citizenship: Managing for Business and a Better World 
  • MG 869B ST*: Leading Global Corporations 
  • MK 7750 Global Marketing MK 7724 Understanding the Chinese Market: China Study Tour 
  • MK 779C/G ST*: International Study Tour

For full course descriptions of any of the above, please see the Academic Bulletin.

Students who pursue the international business secondary concentration are encouraged to join the Fordham Global Professional Society. This club recognizes the unique needs of individuals planning careers in international business and supports the development of the skill set needed to understand the mechanics of international business and the unwritten rules of cross-cultural management.