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Courses and Degree Requirements

Ph.D. in Religious Education

The Ph.D. in Religious Education curriculum includes required courses and seminars, a dissertation proposal, and the writing and oral defense of a doctoral dissertation. Students will ordinarily devote the equivalent of two full years on campus to course work. Reading knowledge of languages other than English may be required if the scope and nature of the dissertation warrants such knowledge.

Religious Education Core (24 credits)

  • REGR 8102 Foundations of Religious Education
  • REGR 8140 Curriculum and Religious Education
  • REGR 8120 Education for Peace and Justice
  • REGR 8210 History of Religious Education
  • REGR 8180 The Religious Educational Development of Children
  • REGR 8202 Youth and Young Adult Ministry
  • REGR 8580 Adult Learning and Development
  • REGR 8401 Research Methods and Resources in Religious Education

Required Courses from the Graduate School of Education (9 credits)

  • ASGE 7428 Seminar in Leadership
  • ASGE 7432 Seminar in Organizational Theory
  • 1 elective course from the Graduate School of Education from: ASGE 6000-9999 or UEGE 6000-9999

Other Religious Education Electives (9 credits)

  • Three courses from: REGR 6000-9999

Required Pastoral Studies Courses (6 credits)

  • Two courses from: PMGR 6000-9999, SPGR 6000-9999, PCGR 6000-9999, RLGR 6000-9999

Required Religious Studies Courses (24 credits)


Other Degree Requirements

  • ZZGR 8080 Ph.D. Mentoring Seminar - required twice for 6 credits and must be retaken each Fall and Spring after coursework is complete until graduation.
  • ZZGR 8040 Dissertation Qualifying Paper
  • ZZGR 8084 Dissertation Format Review