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Learn More About Our RE Faculty

Horell headshot

Harold Horell, Ph.D. 

Assistant Professor of Religious Education. BA, MA, Dayton; MTS, Harvard Divinity, PhD, Boston College.

Keating Hall, Room 303J

View Dr. Horell's CV here.

Scott headshot

Kieran Scott, Ed.D. 

Associate Professor of Theology and Religious Education. BA, St. Patrick's (Ireland); MA, NY Theological Seminary; EdD, Columbia.

Keating Hall, Room 303M 

Dr. Scott currently serves as Associate Professor of Theology and Religious Education in the Graduate School of Religion and Religious Education at Fordham University. A Roman Catholic, Dr. Scott is a formidable scholar and teacher in the areas of systematic theology, curriculum and teaching, and the interface of religion and education in contemporary culture and public life. Dr. Scott is passionate about studying the polyvocality of religious experience, the many voices explored with in discovering what it means to be religious, as well as re-fashioning the rich and diverse wisdom traditions of yesterday through the power of language. For Dr. Scott, words do matter, and they become the vehicle through which our lives coalesce as both metaphysical and concrete religious human beings.

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View Dr. Scott's CV.