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Create Form

  1. Click "XForms Pro" and then "Forms".
  2. Click ‘"Create one now!" (if this is your first form) or "Create new form".
  3. Enter Form Title.
    • Do not include the word “form” in the title of the form. This will cause issues with the email alert.
  4. Assign Category.
    • Find the category of the Parent Page in the Category Builder, click "Add: Category Name" so it appears in the right column, click "Apply Categories".
  5. Assign Metadata.
    • Give a description, this is what will appear in search engines, click "Assign Metadata".
  6. Select “Yes” to allow for unregistered users.
  7. Decide whether or not to resume at the start of the form if the user leaves and comes back to the form.
  8. Decide whether or not to display the progress bar.
    • Do not display progress bar if your form is only is only one page.
  9. Decide whether or not to require ReCaptcha before submission
  10. Add general form instructions before users see any questions (optional)
    • If you want the form instructions to appear above the questions, please place instructions under the Page Instructions field when creating the first page of your form.
    • Do not use forms instructions in this field if your form is only one page.
  11. Click "Save"
Screenshot of options for creating a new form.