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Create Form Page

  1. Enter "Page Title".
  2. Click "Save Page" then click "Edit questions".
  3. After selecting a Form, click on the Form tab.
  4. Click on “Create New Page”.
  5. Enter Page Title.
  6. Add page instructions (optional)
    • Form instructions can be placed here if you did not want a separate page for instructions or if your form is only one page.
  7. Click “Edit Questions” in the upper left.
  8. Enter Question
  9. Select Question Component/Type
    • Commonly used components are: Text Field, Text Area, Checkbox, Radio Button, Dropdown Menu
    • Text Field is for one line responses; Text Area is for multiple lines.
  10. Fill out new fields after selecting the component.
  11. Click “Add Question” if more questions are to be added, and repeat steps 3-8; otherwise, proceed to either establishing branching, email notifications, or publishing the form.