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Form Branching

After selecting a form, you will see the entire form structure which displays the various paths (branches) a user can take to get to the end of the form. By default, there is a singular path, but you can create a new branch by having one of the responses direct to a different page. The instructions to do so are as follows:

  1. Select the intertwined green arrows for the page you would like to be the source of the branch.
  2. Change Rule Type to "Branching".
  3. Select the question you want to determine which page a response to lead to.
  4. Select the page you would like the user to be directed to and what answer will cause them to go to the page.
    • You can create multiple answers leading to a certain page and can have more page redirects than two.
  5. Click "Save Branching Rule".
Form Branching Example