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Communications Research Activities

The Gabelli School of Business communications and media management faculty consistently share their research with the wider community by publishing in high-quality academic journals and books and participating in industry conferences. The listing below is a sample of the communications area's recent research activities.

Refereed Journal Publications - 2019 and Forthcoming

Katja Lehtisaari, Mikko Villi, Mikko Grönlund, Carl-Gustav Lindén, Bozena I. Mierzejewska, Robert Picard & Axel Roepnack, forthcoming, “Comparing Innovation and Social Media Strategies in Scandinavian and US Newspapers,” Digital Journalism.

John A. Fortunato, forthcoming, “The NCAA Commission on College Basketball: Institution Maintenance and Reputation Management in Practice,” The Journal of Global Sport Management.

Meghann L. Drury-Grogan and Lyn M. Van Swol, forthcoming, “The Effects of Shared Opinions on Nonverbal Mimicry,” SAGE Open.

John A. Fortunato and Gigliotti, R.A., forthcoming, “Non-causality crisis response and organizational reputation: The actions of CVS to the opioid epidemic,” Journal of Brand Strategy.

Refereed Journal Publications - 2018

John A. Fortunato, 2018, “Sports leagues’ game exposure policies: Economic and legal complexities,” Journal of Global Sport Management, 3(1), 61-78.

John A. Fortunato, 2018, “Understanding a non-causality crisis response: Examining the Florida Panthers response to Hurricane Irma,” Public Relations Review, 44(5), 776-783.

John A. Fortunato, Ralph A. Gigliotti, and Brent D. Ruben, 2018, “Analyzing the dynamics of crisis leadership in higher education: A study of racial incidents at the University of Missouri,” Journal of Contingencies and Crisis Management, 26(4), 510-518.

Refereed Journal Publications - 2017

John A. Fortunato, 2017, “The FIFA Crisis: Examining Sponsor Response Options,” The Journal of Contingencies and Crisis Management, 25(2), 68-78.

John A. Fortunato, Ralph A. Gigliotti, and Brent D. Ruben, 2017, “Racial Incidents at the University of Missouri: The Value of Leadership Communication and Stakeholder Relationships,” International Journal of Business Communication, 54(2), 199-209.

Philip Napoli, Bozena I. Mierzejewska, Dobin Yim, Napoli, P., Henry C. Lucas, and Abrar Al-Hasan, 2017, “Evaluating Strategic Approaches to Competitive Displacement: The Case of the U.S. Newspaper Industry,” Journal of Media Economics, 30(1), 19-30.

Stefan Klein, Bozena I. Mierzejewska, and Diego Ponte, 2017, “The transformation of the academic publishing market: multiple perspectives on innovation,” Electronic Markets — The International Journal on Networked Business, 27(2), 97-100.

Meghann L. Drury-Grogan, Tom Acton, and Kieran Conboy, 2017, “Examining decision characteristics & challenges for agile software development,” Journal of Systems and Software, 131, 248-265.

Meghann L. Drury-Grogan, and Mali Senapathi, 2017, “Refining a model for sustained usage of agile methodologies,” Journal of Systems and Software, 132, 298-316.

Refereed Journal Publications – 2016

John Carey, 2016, "Audience Measurement of Digital TV," The International Journal of Digital Television, 7(1), 119-132.

John Carey, 2016, "Adoption of New Media in the Digital Era," E-Leader International Journal, 11(2).

John A. Fortunato, 2016, “The FIFA Crisis: Examining Sponsor Response Options,” Journal of Contingencies and Crisis Management, 24(3), 1-11.

John A. Fortunato, 2016, “The Intersection of Agenda-setting and Campaign Finance in a Digital Media World,” Journal of Information Policy, 6, 129-153.

John A. Fortunato, 2016, “Legal Consistency in Sports Gambling: Can Antitrust Law and Understanding Sponsorship Provide a Legal Path for States to Permit Wagering on Sports Games?” Arizona State University Sports and Entertainment Law Journal, 5(2), 219-274.

John A. Fortunato, 2016, “Business-to-Business Sponsorship Opportunities: Examining UPS’ Functional Congruence with the NCAA,” Journal of Global Scholars of Marketing Science (Special issue on Business-to-Business Marketing), 26(1), 36-50.

John A. Fortunato, 2016, “Agenda-Setting through the Television Programming Schedule:  An Examination of Major League Baseball on Fox,” International Journal on Media Management, 18(3/4), 163-180.

John A. Fortunato, 2016, “How the Citi Olympic Sponsorship Strategy uses the Knowledge of the Elaboration Likelihood Model,” Journal of Financial Services Marketing, 27(1), 76-85.

Refereed Journal Publications – 2015

John A. Fortunato, 2015, “The Advocacy and Corrective Strategies of the National Football League: Addressing Concussions and Player Safety,” Journal of Conflict Management, 3(1), 7-21.

John A. Fortunato, 2015, “The Sponsorship Function in Collegiate Athletics; Discussing a Potential Outcome of the Jenkins v. NCAA Lawsuit,” University of Denver Sports and Entertainment Law Journal, 17, 91-119.

John A. Fortunato, 2015, “Sponsorship and the Elaboration Likelihood Model; BMW’s 2014 Winter Olympic Marketing Strategy,” Journal of Brand Strategy, 4(1), 83-95.

Bill D. Herman, 2015, “Dissolving Innovation in Meltwater: Copyright and Online Search,” Journal of Information Policy, 5, 204-244.

Refereed Journal Publications - 2014

Meghann L. Drury-Grogan, 2014, “Performance on Agile Teams: Relating Iteration Objectives and Critical Decisions to Project Management Success Factors,” Information and Software Technology, 56(5), 506-515.

Bill D. Herman and Minjeong Kim, 2014, “The Internet Defends Itself: The Network Neutrality Debate on the Web,” The Information Society, 30(1), 31-44.

Books and Book Chapters

Drury-Grogan, M. L. (2017) Decision making processes in organizations. In C. R. Scott & L. K. Lewis (General Editors), Jim Barker, Joann Keyton, Tim Kuhn, and Paaige Turner (Associate Editors), The international encyclopedia of organizational communication. New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons Inc.

Drury-Grogan, M. L. (2017) Mergers & acquisitions. In C. R. Scott & L. K. Lewis (General Editors), Jim Barker, Joann Keyton, Tim Kuhn, and Paaige Turner (Associate Editors), The international encyclopedia of organizational communication. New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons Inc.

Russ, T. L. & Drury-Grogan, M. L. (2014). The Communicating Leadership Lab: A Contemporary Business Communication Simulation. New York: CreateSpace, On-Demand Publishing, LLC.