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Information Systems

GSB Information Systems

Area chair: Robert Chiang

The information systems faculty are Fordham's experts in digital technologies and data as resources and sources of business value.

Some of the questions they explore are: How do companies gain actionable insights from vast quantities of data? How do companies invest in digital systems? How do companies analyze, design, and build new systems to solve business problems, redesign their business processes, and transform their business models? What are the business implications of social media and other disruptive technologies, such as Big Data, mobile technologies, and cloud computing? How do companies use and manage data and IT to achieve strategic business objectives and gain competitive advantage?

Undergraduate programs include:

Graduate programs include:

Information systems faculty provide leadership for:

Featured Research

Ahmed Abbasi, Yilu Zhou, Shasha Deng, and Pengzhu Zhang, 2018, “Text Analytics to Support Sense-Making in Social Media: A Language-Action Perspective,” MIS Quarterly, 42(2), 427-464. (2018)