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Recent Updates Fordham offices remain staffed and operating remotely. The University has released its plan, Fordham Forward, to resume in-person teaching and learning for the Fall semester. Full Details

Information, Technology, and Operations Seminar Series

Department Seminars

Spring 2016

4/2016, Joseph Tan, McMaster University

Fall 2015

12/2015, Panagiotis Adamopoulos, Stern School of Business, NYU

12/2015, Dmitry Zhdanov, University of Connecticut School of Business

11/2015, Sara Moussawi, Baruch College

11/2015, Sandeep Purao, Bentley University

11/9/2015, William Yeoh, Deakin University

Spring 2015

1/2015, Dov Teeni, Tel Aviv University

Fall 2014

12/2014, Jacob Zahavi, Tel Aviv University

11/2014, Jeffrey Nickerson, Stevens Institute of Technology

1/2014, Hyelim Oh, McGill U

1/2014, Bin Zhang, Temple University

1/2014, Keongtae Kim, University of Maryland

Spring 2013

11/2013, Siva Viswanathan, University of Maryland

3/2013, Jing Wang, Stern NYU

2/2013, Manuel Nunez, University of Connecticut

Industry Speakers


2/26/2016, Michael Israel, CIO, Six Flags

4/22/2016, Markus Ettl, IBM Research

5/20/2016, Jim Onalfo, Retired Deputy Commissioner, NYPD

6/24/2016, Paul Cimino, Ex CEO, Brilig

9/30/2016, Tsvi Gal, CIO, Morgan Stanley

10/28/2016, Steven Peltzman, CTO, Forrester Research

12/9/2016, Walid Negm, CTO, Aricent