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Spring 2018 Course Offerings

January One Week Intensive Courses

These courses are open only to Doctor of Ministry students, and with permission, Ph.D. students. Doctor of Ministry students are required to take the two on campus January Session courses at Lincoln Center in their first two years in the program.

Research Seminar in Pastoral Theology and Practice
PMGR 8632 / CRN: 33263
Instructor: Thomas Beaudoin, Ph.D.
Dates: Tuesday, January 2, 2018 - Saturday, January 6, 2018
Time: 10 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Location: Lincoln Center Campus

Study of particular problems and issues in pastoral theology and practice through probing pastoral experiences, theological reflection, and examination of methods and approaches. Students will prepare a ministry paper, demonstrating their theological knowledge and pastoral expertise with appropriate application to a selected pastoral problem or issue.

Ignatian Spirituality for Ministry
SPGR 7902 / CRN: 33265
Instructor: Francis McAloon, SJ, Ph.D.
Dates: Monday, January 8, 2018 - Friday, January 12, 2018
Times: 10:00 AM - 4:30 PM
Location: Lincoln Center Campus

Engaging in ministry within an Ignatian spirituality context involves pursuing a Christian vision of the world rooted in the experience and writings of the sixteenth-century Basque saint, Ignatius of Loyola. In this hybrid course, we (1) examine the life of Ignatius against the background of his socio-historical context, (2) engage in a close, critical reading of his texts, and (3) survey various contemporary approaches to the appropriation of his spiritual tradition, with an emphasis upon ministerial practices. We examine especially two important primary sources, his Autobiography, dictated to a fellow Jesuit near the end of his life, and his Spiritual Exercises, a remarkable and influential handbook for personal and spiritual renewal. We also read excerpts from his Spiritual Journal, the Constitutions of the Society of Jesus, and some of his Letters.

The following one week course is open for all GRE students:

New Testament
RLGR 6011 / CRN: 33264
Instructor: Giovanna Czander
Dates: Tuesday, January 2, 2018 - Saturday, January 6, 2018
Times: 10 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
This course will engage questions about the development of the Christian canon while reading parts of the New Testament in the context of first century Judaism.

Tuesday Courses

Unless otherwise noted, all courses offered during the traditional Spring semester are located at Fordham's Rose Hill campus.

Special Topics: History of Christian Spirituality: Reformations Catholic and Protestant
SPGR 8999
Instructor: Thomas M. McCoog, SJ
Time: 5 - 6:50 p.m.

2017 witnessed numerous commemorations of the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, an era few rival in importance and significance. Martin Luther’s 95 theses did more than challenge the current understanding of Christian life and practice; they unleashed a momentum that shook all aspects of European belief and culture, echoing throughout the 16th and 17th centuries. This course will focus on the impact these changes had on Christian believers as they sought to navigate dangerous shoals in their pilgrimage to heaven. The course begins with a survey of late medieval church history and religious practices, continue to the Christian humanists (Erasmus, Sir Thomas More, and John Fisher), Protestant and Catholic reformers (Luther, Calvin, Zwingli, Balthasar Hubmaier, Thomas Cranmer; Ignatius Loyola, Mary Ward, Angela Merici), before concluding with Catholic practices in Elizabethan England (Robert Southwell, Robert Persons, Anglican Spirituality). Classic spiritual texts along with other less familiar works will be situated clearly within the theological, religious, cultural, and political vicissitudes of the period. [Students hoping to satisfy a requirement/elective with SPGR 6703/7703, History of Christian Spirituality 2 (HCS-2), should take this course instead.  The single exception is May 2018 Master in Christian Spirituality (MACS) students, who should instead take SPGR 6794/7794, “Women Mystics.”]

Education for Peace and Justice
REGR 6120 / CRN: 33224 (Section for all Master's and Certificate Students)
REGR 8120 / CRN: 33225 (Section for Doctoral Students)
Instructor: Harold Horell, Ph.D.
Time: 5 - 6:50 p.m.

Focuses on developing a greater understanding of the social ministry of the Christian churches.  After a historical survey of Christian attitudes towards peace and justice, participants will explore ways of bringing a concern for peace and justice issues into liturgy, preaching, religious education and pastoral ministry.  The course also examines how to relate Christian understandings of peace and justice to everyday work, and civic, political and family life.

Adult Learning and Development
REGR 6580 / CRN: 33237 (Section for all Master's and Certificate Students)
REGR 7580 / CRN: 33238 (Section for Doctoral Students)
Instructor: Harold Horell, Ph.D.
Time: 7 - 8:50 p.m.

This course examines key issues in the religious education of adults.  It situates adult religious education within the broader framework of adult education theory, principles of practice and the application of this theory to contexts of faith communities.  Foundation issues explored will include the meaning of adulthood, adult learning, development, and adult social worlds. 

Writing for Graduate Research II
RLGR 0921 / CRN: 33239
Instructor: Valerie Torres, Ph.D.
Time: 7 - 8:50 p.m.

Continuation of RLGR 0920. The course will cover how to write at the graduate level in Theology, Spirituality, Pastoral Ministry, and Counseling and Religious Education. Course topics will include composition, structure, style, coherence, and analysis.

Theological Issues: Religious Education/Ministry
REGR 6130 / CRN: 33229 (Section for all Master's and Certificate Students)
REGR 7130 / CRN: 33230 (Section for Doctoral Students)
Instructor: Brother Dennis Gunn, Ph.D.
Time: 7:00 - 8:50 PM

The course explores major Christian classical themes in contemporary theological development.  Foundational concepts of revelation, scripture and tradition, Trinity, creation, Jesus the Christ, and sin and grace are examined.  The practical ministerial and educational implications of these developments will be collaboratively pursued.

Wednesday Courses

Clinical Instruction/Integration Process II
PCGR 7472 / CRN: 33217
Instructor: Lisa Cataldo, Ph.D. 
Time: 1:30 - 3:50 p.m.

This continuation course is designed to accompany the field placement for students in the clinical pastoral counseling 60 Credit Program. 

Clinical Instruction/Integration Process II
PCGR 7472 / CRN: 33741
Instructor: Mary Beth Werdel, Ph.D. 
Time: 1:30 - 3:50 p.m.

This continuation course is designed to accompany the field placement for students in the clinical pastoral counseling 60 Credit Program. 

Research Methods in Pastoral Counseling
PCGR 7410 / CRN: 33271
Instructor: MaryBeth Werdel, Ph.D. 
Time: 5 - 6:50 p.m.

This course will be a review of research in pastoral counseling. It will introduce basic concepts and methods of qualitative research, consider ways of studying change as a result of pastoral care and counseling interventions and programs, and familiarize students with basic skills in evaluating research literature.

Social and Cultural Foundations of Counseling
PCGR 6382 / CRN: 33213
Instructor: Linda Woodbine, Ph.D.
Time: 7 - 8:50 p.m.

This course will explore the multicultural dimensions of counseling. It will elaborate on the social and cultural goals of therapy from this perspective.  Various theories, research and practice of counseling will be developed, including the spiritual dimensions of the theory.

Thursday Courses

Curriculum and Religious Education
REGR 6140/ CRN: 33231 (Section for all Master's and Certificate Students)
REGR 7140 / CRN: 33232 (Section for Doctoral Students)
Instructor: Dennis Gunn, CFC, Ph.D.
Time: 5 - 6:50 p.m.

The course is an exploration of the what, who, where, when, why, and how of curriculum design in religious education.  The various philosophies, principles and processes of curriculum formation are critically examined. It addresses the central question and activities of curriculum designers, namely, what educative content do we make accessible to what learners under what governing structure? This highlights the impact on the religious education curriculum of the nature of content, the teaching processes, the readiness of learners, and the social-political arrangements in the diverse educational settings.

Women Mystics
SPGR 6794 / CRN: 33249 (Section for all Master's and Certificate Students)
SPGR 7794 / CRN: 33291 (Section for Doctoral Students)
Instructor: Shannon McAlister, Ph.D. 
Time: 7 - 8:50 p.m.

This course will explore the experiences and theologies of women mystics as these have been reported throughout Christian history.  Students will read selections from hagiographical texts such as the Acts of Paul and Thecia and the Acts of Perpetua and Felicitas, from the apothegmatic texts such as the Trial of Joan of Arc, and from the writings of women mystics themselves - such as Hildegard of Bingen, Clare of Assisi, Marguerite Mary Alacoque, Therese of Lisieux, and Mother Teresa of Calcutta.  History, sociology, psychology, theology, and other disciplines will serve to contextualize the consideration of these readings and will invite a careful comparison with present-day experiences.  Students will also be invited to ponder the forces that have shaped our current canon of mystics and saints: whose lives remain invisible to study, and why?

Moral Education and Development
REGR 6125 / CRN: 33228 (Section for all Master's and Certificate Students)
REGR 8125 / CRN: 33287 (Section for Doctoral Students)
Instructor: Harold Horell, Ph.D. 
Time: 7 - 8:50 p.m.

This course explores various aspects of moral education. The topic will be explored from various perspectives: theology, psychology, education, sociology, and the arts.  It will aid those involved in religious education and pastoral ministry to make effective use of the arts in their work.  Provides a framework for exploring foundational issues of morality and moral development, including how our understandings of the human person, community, and attitude toward the natural environment shape our moral outlook.  Emphasis is placed on enabling religious educators and pastoral ministers to make moral formation an integral dimension of education in Christian faith.

Saturday Courses

Christian Contemplation and Action

SPGR 6752 / CRN: 33266 (Section for all Master's and Certificate Students)
SPGR 7752 / CRN: 33267 (Section for Doctoral Students)
Instructor: Francis McAloon, SJ, Ph.D. 
Time: TBD
Location: Lincoln Center 
Dates: Five (5) alternating Saturdays 1/27, 2/10, 2/24, 3/10, 4/7

This course explores the writings and lives of major teachers in ministry and contemplative prayer: Ignatius of Loyola, Teilhard de Chardin, Teresa of Avila, Therese of Lisieux, Thomas Merton, and Dorothy Day.

Online Course Offerings

Online courses at GRE are 8 weeks in duration: one begins January, the other in March.  Students are not permitted to take two online courses in the same 8-week term without approval from their academic advisor and the assistant dean.  Students are also reminded to discuss the workload required in taking traditional and online courses at the same time with their academic advisor.

Students are REQUIRED to log in and take part in every week of online courses.  Failure to complete activities during the first days of class can lead to your getting dropped from the whole course.

Online Session A

January 16 - March 13, 2018

Psychopathology and Diagnosis
PCGR 6390 / CRN: 33282
Instructor: Lisa Cataldo, Ph.D. 

This course addresses the purpose and practices of clinical diagnosis in a relational context.  Topics to be covered include interviewing and assessment techniques, DSM-IV categories, mental status exam, character development/pathology, and defenses.  Case studies will be used to practice the art of diagnostic formulation, as students begin to develop a structure and strategy for interviewing, treatment-planning and case formulation.

Advanced Adult Development: Life-Span Issues
PCGR 6510 / CRN: 33216
Instructor: Cheryl Fisher, Ph.D. 

The purpose of this course will be to help students expand their awareness and their experience of advanced life-span development in the context of pastoral and spiritual care. We will be using Erik Erikson's psychosocial theory of human development as our starting point, specifically the developmental tasks he assigns to the stages of the life cycle from adolescence to the end of life: identity, intimacy, generativity, and integrity.

U.S. Latino Theology
PMGR 6613 / CRN:33220 (Section for all Master's and Certificate Students)
PMGR 7613 / CRN: 33221 (Section for Doctoral Students)
Instructor: Valerie Torres, Ph.D.

This course presents an introduction to the theological output of US Latino theologians from an ecumenical perspective.   We begin with an overview of US Latino Theology as a contextual theology and then proceed topically looking at US Latino Catholic theology, U.S. Latina Feminist theology, and US Latino Protestant theology.

Youth and Young Adult Ministry and Education
REGR 6202 / CRN: 33235 (Section for all Master's and Certificate Students)
REGR 8202 / CRN: 33236 (Section for Doctoral Students)
Instructor: Brother Dennis Gunn, Ph.D. 

Explores the personal and communal development of youth and young adults (11-30) through Church teaching and such disciplines as philosophy, psychology, and sociology, education and religious education.  A comprehensive framework for nurturing the faith and spirituality of youth and young adults is presented as an organizing framework for the course.

History of Christian Spirituality 1
SPGR 6702 / CRN: 33243 (Section for all Master's and Certificate Students)
SPGR 7702 / CRN: 33244 (Section for Doctoral Students)
Instructor: Colt Anderson, Ph.D.

This course will explore a number of the significant figures and themes that characterized the development of Christian Spirituality from its beginnings until the Reformation.  Readings will be drawn from classical spiritual texts and relevant secondary literature.


RLGR 6030 / CRN: 33288

Instructor: Brendan McInerny, Ph.D.


This is an introductory Christology course principally from a Roman Catholic perspective.  Biblical, historical, and contemporary Christology will be examined.

Online Session B

March 14 - May 9, 2018

Social and Cultural Foundations of Counseling
PCGR 6382 / CRN: 33214
Instructor: Donna Shannon, Ph.D.

This course will explore the multicultural dimensions of counseling. It will elaborate the social and cultural goals of therapy from this perspective.  Various theories, research and practice of counseling will be developed, including the spiritual dimensions of the theory.

Marriage/Family Therapy
PCGR 6420 / CRN: 33215
Instructor: Cheryl Fisher, Ph.D.

A systematic approach to family treatment.  A survey of the major contributors to the field, using videotape demonstrations of family sessions.  Genograms will be used to explore family-of-origin issues.

Theology of Ministry
PMGR 6510 / CRN: 33218 (Section for all Master's and Certificate Students)
PMGR 7510 / CRN: 33219 (Section for Doctoral Students)
Instructor: Thomas Beaudoin, Ph.D. 

This course introduces theologies of ministry as scholarly resources for making sense of ministry. A premium will be placed on both understanding these theologies and on articulating one's own theology of ministry in dialogue with our studies. In keeping with the Student Learning Objective of the GRE, students will articulate the relationship between religious tradition and professional practice by understanding how ministerial work in a situation is reconstructed through critical and appreciative engagement with theological discourse.

Religious Education and Human Development
REGR 6188 / CRN: 33233 (Section for all Master's and Certificate Students)
REGR 7188 / CRN: 33234 (Section for Doctoral Students)
Instructor: Carl Procario-Foley, Ph.D. 

This course examines this question as it explores a religious education perspective to the topic of human growth and development. Students will analyze their own ministry contexts with particular attention to the interface of human development thought and religious education models. The impact of contemporary cultural trends on human development will be explored as they relate to ministerial questions and situations.

New Testament
RLGR 6011 / CRN: 33240 
Instructor: Giovanna Czander
This course will engage questions about the development of the Christian canon while reading parts of the New Testament in the context of first century Judaism.

Theology of the Human Person
RLGR 6031 / CRN: 33241
Instructor: Shannon McAlister, Ph.D. 

An inquiry into the meaning and possibilities of becoming fully human from a contemporary theological perspective complemented by a multidisciplinary perspective. This course grounds theories of conversion, asceticism and ministry in an adequate understanding of the human, with special attention to gender issues and social justice implications. 

Church and Society
RLGR 6032/CRN: 33242
Instructor: Colt Anderson, Ph.D.

This course reviews how the community established by Jesus Christ, also known as the Church, has been theologically understood over time. We will examine the biblical understanding of the Church in the first part of the course. While the second part focuses on the way that the Church has been understood throughout history, and the final part concentrates on some contemporary ecclesiologies and issues facing the Church.

Spiritual Direction: Theology and Practice
SPGR 7870 (Section for DMIN, Ph.D. students only) / CRN: 33250
SPGR 6681 (Section for MA students only) / CRN: 34746
Instructor: Luz Marina Diaz

This course explores the experience of spiritual direction from the standpoint of both the director and the one directed.  It situates the contemporary ministry of spiritual direction within the history of the Christian tradition, and draws upon interdisciplinary and interreligious perspectives in order to examine critically a diversity of past and present theologies, processes, and models of spiritual direction.

Methods in Christian Spirituality
SPGR 6834/7834
Instructor: Colt Anderson, Ph.D.

This course introduces graduate students to the academic discipline of Christian Spirituality and to methods for researching and writing a research paper at the MA and DMin level. In consultation with the professor, students are free to pursue a research topic of their choosing; however, their research agenda must include a Christian spirituality component.  Students already working on a thesis or dissertation may, with the professor’s consent, use a chapter thereof as their research paper for this course.  Christian spirituality topics include defining the discipline, the relationship between spirituality and theology, experience as an object of study, the importance of context, historical consciousness, multidisciplinarity and hermeneutic theory.  In this practical seminar, students collaboratively (online) learn to research and write at the graduate level, as well as explore the rich offerings of Christian spirituality.  Evaluation is based on Tuesday and Thursday postings, Turabian quizzes, and research paper drafts.

Other Courses

Spiritual Direction Practicum 2
SPGR 7741 / CRN: 33290
Instructor: Sr. Donna Fannon

Continuation of SPGR 7740.  A grade of pass for SPGR 7740 and an instructor's evaluation confirming skill development at a successful level is required to register for this course.  Pass/Fail only.

SPGR 8500 COMP EXAM MA Christian Spirituality McAloon, Francis

Additional Offerings

33256 ZZGR-LEAV-O01 LEAVE OF ABSENCE Holt, Patrick J.

 33251 ZZGR-7074-R01 CLINICAL PASTORAL EDUCATION Holt, Patrick J. 


33253 ZZGR-8060-R01 DMIN MENTORING SEMINAR McAloon, Francis 


33257 ZZGR-LEAV-R01 LEAVE OF ABSENCE Holt, Patrick J. 

33258 ZZGR-8073-R01 FIELD EXPERIENCE 3 CREDITS Cataldo, Lisa M. 

33259 ZZGR-8074-R01 FIELD EXPERIENCE 6 CREDITS Cataldo, Lisa M. 

33260 ZZGR-8075-R01 FIELD EXPERIENCE 9 CREDITS Cataldo, Lisa M. 

33261 ZZGR-8080-R01 PH.D MENTORING SEMINAR Horell, Harold D.