Spring 2018 Course Syllabi

Tuesday Courses

SPGR 8999 History of Christian Spirituality: Reformations Catholic and Protestant, McCoog, SJ

REGR 6385 Education for Peace and Justice, Horell, Ph.D.

RLGR 0921 Writing for Graduate Research II, Torres, Ph.D.

Wednesday Courses

PCGR 7410 Research Methods in Pastoral Counseling, Werdel, Ph.D.

PCGR 7472 Clinical Instruction / Integration II, Werdel, Ph.D. 

PCGR 6382 Social and Cultural Foundations of Pastoral Counseling, Woodbine, Ph.D.

Thursday Courses

SPGR 6794/7794 Women Mystics, McAlister, Ph.D.

REGR 6125/8125 Moral Education and Development, Horell, Ph.D.


Online Session A: 16 January - 13 March

PMGR 6613/7613 US Latin@ Theologies, Torres, Ph.D.

SPGR 6702 History of Christian Spirituality I, Anderson, Ph.D.

PCGR 6510 Advanced Adult Development Life Span Issues, Fisher, Ph.D.

REGR 6120/8120 Education for Peace and Justice, Petriello, Ph.D.

Online B Session: 14 March - 9 May

PMGR 6510 Theology of Ministry, Beaudoin, Ph.D.

RLGR 6031 Theology of the Human Person, McAlister, Ph.D. 

PCGR 6420 Marriage and Family Therapy, Fisher, Ph.D.

SPGR 7870 Theology of Spiritual Direction, Diaz, Ph.D.

REGR 6204/8204 Special Questions: Youth and Young Adult Ministry and Education, Horell, Ph.D. 

REGR 6188/7188 Religious Education and Human Development, Procario-Foley, Ph.D. 

PCGR 6382 Social and Cultural Foundations of Pastoral Counseling, Shannon, Ph.D.

SPGR 6834 Methods in Christian Spirituality, Anderson, Ph.D.

RLGR 6032 Church and Society, Anderson, Ph.D. 


January Session

RLGR 6011 Introduction to the New Testament - January 2 - 6, 2018, Czander, Ph.D.

DMIN Research Seminar - January 2-6. 2018 - Beaudoin, Ph.D.

DMIN Ignatian Spirituality for Ministry (Hybrid) - January 8-12, 2018 - McAloon, SJ


Saturday Courses

SPGR 6752/7 Christian Contemplation and Action, McAloon, SJ

SPGR 7741 Spiritual Direction Practicum II, Fannon, MHSH