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2018 Medical Plan Changes

As a result of our ongoing review of Fordham’s benefits, we are making certain changes to the medical plan, effective January 1, 2018. You’ll have a choice of two options—the Health Investment Option and the Enhanced Standard Option, enabling you to choose the approach and contribution amount that best fits your needs. Each option includes its own unique account to help you pay out-of-pocket costs. Explore the New Options

Open Enrollment: October 30 - November 17

You must actively enroll in coverage for 2018—or opt out of Fordham coverage, if you choose, during the open enrollment period Monday, October 30, and Friday, November 17. If you don’t enroll, you will be assigned to employee only (single) coverage in the Health Investment Option. Join us for an on-campus information session to learn more.

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What's Not Changing

While your medical options are changing, these important commitments and features remain the same:

  • UnitedHealthcare Choice Plus network of providers.
  • The opportunity to choose a coverage option that best suits you and your budget.
  • Certain “Enhanced Option” benefits that are being carried over to the Enhanced Standard Option, including benefits for advanced fertility treatments, unlimited rehabilitative services (such as physical therapy), enhanced prescription drug benefits, 90th percentile out-of-network reimbursement rates, and no preauthorization requirements.