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SSG How to Apply

Applications are accepted via the SSG Online Application Form and Budget Proposal and Justification Form.

Please refer to the table below for guidance on required materials for each SSG funding track.

Students should have their Faculty recommenders fill out the Faculty Recommender Form. This form takes the place of a formal recommendation letter. Please email with any questions.

Required Documentation

  Conference Funding Research Funding Alternative Learning
Experience Funding
Completed Application Form
Updated Resume or Curriculum Vitae
Project Narrative

(450 - 500 words)

(700 - 750 words)

(700 - 750 words)

Budget Proposal and Justification
Acknowledgment of Conference
(if applicable)
Faculty Recommender Form
(starting in fall 2020, any application with a budget proposal of $300 or less is not required to submit a faculty recommendation)

Please note: All documentation must be submitted in Word, PDF, or Excel format.