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A&S Dean's Biannual Funding

Guidelines for Requesting Funds

Each fall and spring semester, the Arts and Sciences Deans offer support for the research and scholarship activities of tenured and tenure-track faculty. A call for proposals is announced in advance of each semester: in April for the proceeding fall semester and in November for the spring semester. 

  • Spring Semesters: Call for proposals announced in the first week of November. The deadline for proposals is typically the first Monday in December. Award announcements by mid-January.
  • Fall Semesters: Call for proposals announced by March 15. Proposals are due by April 15. Award announcements by July 31 after new fiscal year budgets are available to the Deans.
  • Awards typically range from $250 to $1,000 for each funded proposal and can reach $2,000. On a limited basis, the Deans will consider recurring funding models. Each application must include a detailed budget listing expense type, description, quantity, rate, and the total amount (see application form).
  • Project categories include:
    • Faculty Development: subventions and research projects including research supplies and software. Requests for funding in these areas must first be submitted to the Office of Research for funding from one of the appropriate OR Internal Funding Opportunities. Before requesting funds for software, please check for availability through Fordham IT Academic Technology Resources.
    • Workshops, seminars, colloquium, panel discussions, and guest lectures/speakers: Financial support from the faculty member’s department and other departments will strengthen the request for funding.
    • Conferences: If registration fees are collected, the estimated fee revenue should be included in the request. Financial support from the faculty member’s department and other departments or schools will strengthen the request for funding.
  • Unless otherwise expressed, each project will be considered a one-time event. Plans to make the event a recurring or multi-year event should be included in the proposal. Repeated requests for funding without information on the recurring nature of the plans may weaken future requests.
  • Applications will be reviewed and ranked by the Faculty Policies and Resources Committee (FPRC). Based on the recommendations/rankings of the FPRC, the Deans determine the awards. Faculty is notified by email on the status of their request. Award notices include the amount of funding and the Dean or Deans who are providing it. Faculty is required to accept the award and confirm that the project is going forward as planned. Should the event be deferred or canceled, the Dean of Faculty should be contacted immediately and no later than May 15.
  • The Dean of Faculty sends a listing of all awards to all Department Chairs and a listing of the department’s awards to the department’s support staff.
  • Funding is transferred to the department’s budget via Expense Transfer. Project planning can begin and expenses can be incurred on the strength of the award notice and do not need to wait for the expense transfer to be processed and posted in Banner.
  • All payments for services, food, etc. will be made from the department’s budget, simplifying access to the funds.
  • When visitors (invited speakers, etc.) submit their receipts, these should be expeditiously forwarded to the department for reimbursement; all receipts should be processed within 30 days of the conclusion of the event and, for June events, the receipts must be sent to the department by June 30.
  • At the conclusion of the funded activity, and no later than May 15 for events prior to June, the faculty are asked to send a short report of the outcome to the Dean of Faculty. Please reference your award notice for details.