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A&S Faculty Personnel Decision Checklists

Because the Deans review paperwork electronically, it would be ppreferable and more expeditios that everuthing except individual faculty recommendations be turned over to the Dean of A&S Faculty electronically or another method pre-approved by the Dean. Fax, email, and most other electronic methods are not permitted because they are not consedered secure for the confidential information reviewed in a personnel decision.

In addition to the electronic copy, any paper that needs a signature must be printed and signed (preferably in blue ink) after it is printed - electronic or reproduction signatures are not permitted by legal counsel. University statutes require the following information, Individual departments may have additional requirements.


Tenured and Tenure-Track Faculty

Initial Hire of Tenured Faculty

Initial Hire of Tenure-Track Faculty

Reappointment of Tenured and Tenure-Track Faculty



Tenure and Subsequent Promotion

Non-Tenure-Track Appointments

Checklist For Appointment of Lecturers and Others

Checklist For Appointment of PDOCs and Non-TT Vst Assoc or Full Profs

Checklist for appointment of visiting scholar